Go see the King!


Last friday my friend Der Versucher, feat. his friends Subtitle and NoCanDo and
myself went to see the ‘ALLES DALI’ (trnsl: It’s All Dalí) show in museum Boijmans
van Beuningen
(Rotterdam). As if Salvador wasn’t weird enough by himself, we
thought it be nice to take two rhymin’ men with us, covering the show on a high
speed real/surreal – L.A. version of Dutch soccer commentary. AWESOME!!! If
I had remembered a quote, I’d have written it up for y’all, but alas I was kind
of ‘in the mood’ myself and highly under the influence of cheap narcotics and
kick-ass art.

Stuff that made an impression:

First of all, ticket prices made a hell of an impression. 12,50 (euros!) a person
ain’t really what Dalí had in mind when he decided to not just mix up high and
low culture for aesthetic reasons, but also in order to show his work to the
biggest possible audience. To hell with it, if you have an NS Kortingskaart like
I do, you only pay 8 euros.

Then, second of all, the excellent signing and titling of the exhibition that was
done by our friends of 75b is really something else. They’re still boss in the
dutch graphic design competition and here’s just another example of it.

Then, thirdly, the exhibition itself: The Boijmans ‘recent important exhibition’
space can be devided in three different areas. The one on the right is dominated
by Gregory Peck screaming and dreaming a Dalí eyeballed nightmare. Too bad
one is unable to listen to other audio stuff, because of Boijmans surreal balancing.
The one in the middle is a huge collection of pictures, ads and commercials
(which aren’t as funny as they are painful, I think, but hey… they probably
payed lots of Figueres rent) and then on the far left is the reason I went to see
this show at all: ‘Destino’, a seven minute long Disney-fied moving Dalí painting,
capturing both an almost exclusively mediterranean lovesick-ness (soledad) ánd
an explanatorial to loads of other Dalí work. It’s as if all of his paintings are solely
stills taken from Dalí’s dreams. But instead of being totally weird, these dreams
make complete sense. They’re just terribly lovely and terrificly beautiful. Wow!

Then finally (fourth of all): If you decide to go there, try and go on a ‘not too
sunny’ yet ‘not too grey’ of a day, the lighting on the purple windows —that offer
us sneak peaks in huge gardens, where lilac trees and laburnums play hide and
seek with the seasons— then truly is magnificent. How I love Rotterdam.

Subtitle stuff available through:

Above displayed painting of Walt and Salvador
‘Five O’Clock Shadows In Disney-Dalí Land’ 1995, by Todd Schorr
find info on Destino here