Here I am now, entertain me…


Last weekend was full of 80’s entertainment (system, the NES™, you know?). First
of all I went to see King Kong. If you feel numb, like I did last friday, this is the
thing to do. Dazzling special effects, in a classic lovely love story, dude! And on
Saturday and Sunday I went to the Twin Peaks Marathon ‘Damn fine coffee!’.
Goshhh, that was a ride… I am Twin Peaked now, haha… And besides all of the
Laura Palmer topics, I still found time to finish reading the biography of C.B.
Vaandrager aka ‘Vaan’. Which is a must reader if you’re a Rotterdam fanatic,
like me…

photo: The lovely girls Sage and Erin Bolte with me (on the right) and that hairstyle..
(kind of unisex thing, laughter..)
1986, Hollywood, Universal Studios™