I love you Spike


I just have spoken to Kasper van Lierop the other day, and he gave me
this picture of Woei, Mike de Geus (aka Spike) and me (In between). This
picture is taken in 1995 by Parra. I was stoked to see this picture, because
(I think) it’s the only one where Mike de Geus and me are on together. So
it is very special for me. We skated, chilled, smoked and played videogames
a lot together. Mike de Geus killed himself 5 years ago. I don’t know if you
knew him, but he was the best skateboarder Holland ever had and will have.
Rest In Peace, Mike…

There is something about shoes in the air… You will see, soon.

Photocredits (again): Pieter Janssen (aka Parra). He’s got a new exhibition!

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  1. Anonymous
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    HUMOBISTEN; schoenen gruss aus berlin. de buurman