Some 1,000 women staged an anti-government demonstration on March 8th
in Tehran’s Laleh Park to mark the International Women’s Day.

A number of demonstrators carried pictures of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi (as been
seen on the picture above with their ‘old’ Iranian flag), the President-elect of
the Iranian Resistance, and distributed leaflets in support of the third option for
the future of Iran, i.e. supporting the Iranian people and their resistance for
democratic change in Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi spoke of this option for the first time during her speech at the
European Parliament last December.

The protesters chanted antigovernment slogans such as ‘down with the clerical

State Security Forces and agents of the Ministry of Intelligence attacked the
demonstrators, beating and arresting a number of them. The demonstration,
however, continued for several hours.

This is just an example to let you know that the people of Iran are very fed up
with their f***ed up government.

My mother will be speaking at the ‘Women’s Commission of the National Council
of Resistance of Iran’ this Saturday in Amsterdam. They invited her after ‘they’
read her book ‘Stolen Innocence’. I am very proud of her, that she mingle with
the ‘moslims’ of Iran who live in Europe, who can’t go back to there country.
Because (of there freedom of thinking) if they do, they would be killed or be
put in jail.