LLIK’s oktober Revolution


This weekend LLIK’s bombin’ de Unie w/ way too much good stuff.
1st, next Friday there’s this ‘Hitsige Herfstnacht’ (Felatious Fall-night)
with live performances by the DGG and upcoming Rotterdam indie
sensation ‘The Hands’. Links are all to be found on the LLIK website
so please go there, if you want to find out about whatever… Anyway
Femke, Rick, Nadine and Nanna, Marcel and Me will be playing our
vinyl til the break-a-dawn (10 – 5!). Be sure to dress razor sharp as
marcel’s new photo scheme is already developing on the LLIK site.

Then, next Sunday there’s this new experiment, called ‘LLIK’s Lacht-
club, komt een man op de jazz-avond…’ (that sure is one hell of a
name for a night —meaning, amongst others, LLIK’s Laughing Club—)

LLIK takes you back to the roaring nightclub scene of the Lenny Bruce
era. Wild jokes, wild booze n’ wild jazz. Provided for by The Benjamin
Herman Trio (takin’ care of Bop), Steve Hughes, Marina Franklin (who’s
been on Chapelle’s Show) and Sean Meo, about whom is once
said ‘Sean Meo is quite simply the most unpleasant comedian I have
ever had the misfortune to see…’ (takin’ care of jokes) and the Unie
(Mauritsweg 35, Rotterdam) takin’ care of All That Booze!!!

Since Night Club parties are really supposed to be pimpin’ like there’s
no tomorrow, this party will cost you 10 whole euros. Besides, wanna
be really suave? take your party out to dinner beforehand, the Unie
Restaurant’s open that Sunday just for the occasion.