Marco Grandia


Marco Grandia is a guy who I know now for quite a long time. I think
I met him in the Energiehal (Saturdaynightrollersk8boardingdisco) in the
late 80′s or early 90′s. He was besides a skateboarder always filming with
his videocamera. Now you can take a look what the result is, when you just
keep on filming besides having a lot of talent. O yes, and besides being a
filmmaker he’s a superb magical cardplayer.

His website is made by Frank Hartman (He also has a new website). They both
had a magazine in the past called ‘Circus’, which was hilarious!

Something else: In the Dutch Financial Daily from last Saturday there is this
article about Populism, but the article starts with our quote from ‘Art is Arrogant’.
I think that is really cool.