Margot and Chantelle go straight to Hell!


When I was asked to host the first Aanschouw Art Auction together with
the mighty DJ Chantelle, she and I decided it would be best if I would just
cancel the gig and we’d ask Margot (Chantelle’s sister) instead. Them two
bitches would make the feistiest couple in Art selling history. Margot was
actually named after Anne Frank’s sister, who her namegiver thought was
the person most likely to grow up in oblivion and pretty much stay there.

They sold an afwul lot of art that day and that had nothing to do with the
poster, the flyer the one on one advertising and so on. Chantelle and Margot
just crammed those paintings through the throats of their audience, threatening
to rather feed the unsold art to the shredder, than to not sell it at all.
It sure helped. There’s an Aanschouw Art Auction every year in september,
so if you have some money left, go there! Buy art really cheap. They make
special prize for you, mistah!

Here’s the poster I made for that particular occasion.