Mono Couture – spring/summer ’05


Yesterday night, some nights ago and presumably every night starting tonight
and ending next saturday night, the legendary short film ‘Spraakwaterval’
(meaning: ‘serious amounts of talk’) will be shown on the CBK’s* Cinematic
Windows. Spraakwaterval is made by literature iconoclasts ‘De Bubbelebim’
featuring Ernst Walgenbach. If you’re in the neighbourhood, don‘t forget to
stop by and check that mad shit out…

As if it’s not quite enough, De Bubbelebim aren’t just annoying twats,
pestering the world of poetry, prose, grammar, correct spelling and other
types of linguistic institutes, they’re also two third of indierock outfit
MONO. The new and improved Mono website is online soon, so keep trying
if it’s working yet, by clicking here. I made that MONO shirt some three
months ago, but because a lot of my friends, like yourself, don’t usually see
any punk rock shows, here’s an opportunity for you too, to buy one of these
—already classic— T-shirts! (which are usually just for sale at Mono’s really
amazing concerts…)

If you have an idea where the HuMobisten Office is situated, don’t hesitate
to stop by and buy yourself one of them. They come in Small, Medium, Large
and little girly sizes… I think it’s the best shirt print I’ve made so far. But
judge otherwise by checking out some stunning looking HuMobisten shirts
which are already nice even without handsome ramblers wearing ’em.
(Don’t forget to click ‘T-shirts’ in the menu)

(*Rotterdam contemporary art centre)