more signs of the times


No JSF! (Joint Strike Fighter) says this coin sticker. I got it in the supermarket
as change. It made me feel somehow melancholic ’cause it made me think of
Holland during the cold war (early eighties). Images of ‘Ban de Bom!’ (No
Atom Bomb!) signs and demonstrations and me listening to family arguments
about ‘the russians’ and ‘the americans’ from behind the couch, while enjoying
my new Playmobil™ pirate ship. Oh well, Reagan got shot at, Gorby was out for
peace and all seemed settled before you could say ‘perestrojka’. When times
are fucked there seem to be more of these underground voices making it all
the way to the real world (i.e. my wallet). According to a tv show I’ve seen
yesterday, freedom means: living in a society where equality and non-equality
exist side by side. I don’t know, but that seems like the kind of truth that makes
a person laugh at this idiot NO JSF! sticker and at the same time believe in its
naive sincerity.