Well, we totally wore out our second intern as well. Now he’s lost it too, came in better than he is now. Walked in here as a convinced guy with graphic dreams on his mind, we wanted to teach him this, that and the other thing, but instead we turned him into a doubtful wreck. He’s gone, people… Ain’t nothing you can do for that guy no more…

Or maybe, there’s one last little thing you could do… If you insist on putting a smile on his altogether saddened and worried face you should concider going to the JaToch!NietTan? party he and some of the other lame-ass guys in his crew are throwing tonite at Nighttown Theatre. I might even go there myself…

Meinhard designed us a spectacular website, while ‘working’ here. Because it’s not quite finished yet, we’re not going to show you what it is just now. As soon as it’s working for both PC AND Mac, we’ll put the word out on our webstreet.

What does work really swell is Meinhards’ web-log called Herr Kausloch. M. is the weirdest graffiti-writer; he AKA-ed himself after the legendary crap organ player Klaus Wunderlich. Check out the Polo commercial he put online there, it’s bizarre to say the least.

Thanks Meinhard, Gyz and I enjoyed working with you, learning from you and occasionally teaching you about Design and Morality. You keep passing the open windows, aight!?