op stuk


Apart from rocking the girls and blasting in the underworld, there’s still plenty
of good stuff to do outside the HuMobisten headquarters. With the LLIK posse
(Rene van Lien, Marcel Wiebenga and myself) we found more musical ways to
turn expectations upside down and getting the youth crew wired. An overview
of all this good stuff has recently been upgraded and updated by Der Versucher
on the new and improved LLIK website. Extras include a sign up spot for the LLIK
mailing list (golly) and Radio Free LLIK, both downable and streamable DJ mix
‘tapes’. I heard Hitmeister D’s edit is done soon, until that time Der Versuchers’
very own ‘hits to please and tease’ is online as we speak. HOT HOT HOT!!!