Schaan / St. Gallen


Last weekend I went to Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

First, Saturday we went to see ‘Verschwende deine Jugend’ in Schaan.
Although we were a bit too late to see the fashion show by Les Enfants
Terribles (a Swiss Gesellschaft of fashion/design über-avant gardeers),
we did manage to see a lot of interesting performances and tons of home
made caipirinhas.

The day after we managed to conquer headaches the size of Liechtenstein
itself and drive of to St. Gallen (CH) where we went to see an installation in
the Neue Kunst Halle, called ‘Hyperespace’ by Gregory and Cyril Chapuisat.
Some of us dared not enter this eerie looking thing (as depicted above), but
the ones who did go in felt pretty uplifted by the womb-like cardboard
experience. Big wow!

After that I had a soup at the ‘Brasserie Embrasser’ and fell in love with the
napkin you can see at the bottom of the picture there. Imagine whiping your
shmützige Maul right in the middle of that. Nice, huh?


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    wat zijn ze knap he die zwitsers… ik zeg migros….