The Great Dictator


2 weeks ago my mysterious friend ‘—-’ or ‘++++’ and I went to the exhibition
about Charlie Chaplin in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. You can walk through his
whole movie career. I like the films Modern Times (a story of industry of
individual enterprise-humanity crusading into the pursuit of happiness) and The
Great Dictator
the most. I don’t know if you believe in mystical stuff, or in yin
yang. But the opposite of Hitler was definitely Charlie Chaplin. Both were born in
the same week of the same month in the same year. And both of them had the
same trademark, namely the moustache. Also they knew to use the new medium
called film splendidly. I find this so interesting. It’s like Charlie was here for a
reason, he was the only one in Hollywood (while Hollywood was and is in Jewish
hands) to make a critical (blockbuster) film about the Nazis. And while Charlie
Chaplin never spoke in his films, he speaks in The Great Dictator at the end of
the film (It’s like he was born to do this speech and making this film). This is
what he said (It’s still uptodate).

Check out my Charlie Chaplin little video loop.