To stay a little bit in the Art Auction Style


This little video (This video is off line, sorry!) is part of a compilation video
called ‘small projects’. Rufus.K rewrote a previous version.
Listen to this:

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece consisting of both a drawing (Ready
Bought No. 002, originally titled ‘Margot’) made by dutch artist Sylvie
Overheul and a certificate which explains the statement of the work and
congratualates the new owner on buying a genuine HuMobisten piece.

The HuMobisten once bought ‘Margot’ after they saw it exhibited somewhere
in a Rotterdam bar and decided to buy it. Some time later, after they were
invited to participate on a benefit for a local children’s hospital by donating
something for an auction. HuMobisten made a new piece about the ‘buying
and selling of art’ using that particular drawing.

The HuMobisten bought their ‘Margot’ on january 14th, of the year 2002.
It was a lovely sketch of a nude girl modelling in a sort of drawing class.
We’ve had it in our private collection until the day of the auction. It was
never borrowed out for an exhibition and it preserved itself, basically.
On September 7th of the year 2003 the auction took place and ‘Art needs
to go places’ experienced her vernissage the exact instant it was sold.

Making yet another piece of art on the topic of ‘Art itself’ and the so called
art world as a reference to both the actual outside world as the non existing
art world. ‘Art needs to go places’ is another fine display of the loose mentality
towards art the HuMobisten would like to hold on to. Especially in a time when
they feel they’re going to take themselves serious and BE artists. It is also
(again) an hommage to conceptual art in general. As conceptual art seems the
only art form that can never dry up or repeat itself endlessly.

HuMobisten keep defining the untouchable echoes of postmodernity. It’s the
ultimate ‘mad’ art in a world gone absolutely berzerk. Or, as it is ironically
printed on the certificate itself ‘If you loose this certificate, you still have an
original Sylvie Overheul drawing left.’

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