Who We Be?


1st of all, for all you rotterdam hobos, upcoming THURSDAY there’s a birthday
party at WaterFront, starring the DGG and Costanza (rising from the ashes of
beaver feaver). Don’t forget to kiss both birthday boys (Robin and Tjeerd).

Upcoming saturday the Rotterdam postrock kids face a dilemma of Streepian
proportion as they make up their tormented minds choosin’ between two indie
legends. Objects of desire are the great looks of Geoff Farina and his post jazz
steely dannish outfit ‘karate’ visiting the WaterFront and the laid back song
writing talents of Sea and Caker ‘Sam Prekop’ (assisted by Archer Prewitt)
doing the club house. Not too much of a dilemma if you ask me, but I’ve already
seen both. The Karate several times, until I grew tired of ’em. Sam Prekop just
once, but I guess all I could think of then was the promised Tortoise show that
started right after his performance. I heard ‘Who’s your new professor’ three
times now and think it’s quite a nice sketch album, but I completely agree to
my buddy Roel van Tour, as he stated that ‘Who’s Your…’ merely underlines
the genius of the self titled first album (with the excellent drawing on the cover).
If you do not own that record, go out and buy/down that mother. It’s brilliant.

Anyway, asking my friend and music buff Niels Post if he made up his mind
yet on this rock-and-hard-place situation, he kindly supplied me with the
information that Ian Svenonius’ latest pestilence ‘Weird War’ are playing the
Paradiso upstairs. So, if you got enough bread and you’re getting somewhat
tired of meeting those same faces every time you go out, join us on the path
less travelled and get yer butt in that train to see mr. Nation of Ulysses and
mrs. Make Up do the thing that made them famous, namely being seriously
fucking cool.

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  1. leon.
    Posted May 4, 2005 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

    Rufus, vergeet ook niet dat Saul Williams in Paradiso speelt om 19.00 as zaterdag. Cd van de beste man is akelig goed…