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I’ve found her fan site!


I forgot to tell you all that I went to see Match Point, the new Woody Allen film.
It’s ok… it’ isn’t great. It’s not even ‘pretty good’. Ok, it’s way too long, that guy
who’s coach in Bend it like Beckham isn’t exactly the best actor of his generation
(not that he’s bad or anything…), there aren’t enough really funny jokes, the
story’s a bit thin and still Woody’s getting credit for it like he’s made a new Annie
Hall or a new Manhattan (I always liked Interiors best of his ‘non-comedic’ work).
Since it’s set in London it feels kind of fresh, and it probably is, but Match Point
just didn’t work for me. The main themes: luck, love, lust and morality could
easily have been less ‘HELLO-HOO!!!’. I don’t know, maybe Woody’s losing his
edge after all.

* This guy Matthew Goode who plays Tom is pretty great.
* all clothing, locations and hairstyles look ace.

Uppest side:
* Who isn’t at all losing her edge is the main reason you should buy this film on
DVD for. Scarlett ‘I want you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night munchies’
Johansson. Check out that fan-flog right here.

dreams to remember


Here’s two IFFR things you may not want to miss out on.

Eelko Ferwerda’s ‘American Dreams’ (produced by Michel Smit and Marcel
Visbeen). Eelko first told me about a script he was thinking of this summer.
He came by my house (we were practically neighbours back then) and we
played some cool jazz to beat summer heat and to get in the ‘vibe’ of the
movie to be. I can’t tell you what it’s about, as I could easily give away plots
and I want to spoil nobody’s fun. But I can say that especially when you’re
from Rotterdam you’re going to think this movie rocks serious ass! Besides,
if you need a reason to go there, think of this: how cool is it that my friend
Eelko, who isn’t a big name in the Dutch Film industry YET, had set his mind
on GTST’s Isabella to play the leading role in his flick and actually got her?!?
(Infinite props to the fellas at Dirk Cornelis who did an excellent job on the

screenings: Tue Jan. 31 (premiere, @ Kort Rotterdams) and as part of the
‘Rotterdam Perspective’ programme Wed Feb 1 ánd Fri Feb. 3

Roodkapjes’ R EJECT – festival takes place in the old ‘Ter Meulen’ building on
the Binnenwegplein (the square with the big Bram Ladage Pepsi can on it).
Yesterday I walked by there, pretty much by accident and recognized the guy
at the door who let me walk in for a moment to see what it looked like out
there. Well, in short: it looks pretty fucking cool. The architectural design of
that classical Ter Meulen staircase combined with the complete absence of
light, except from two video beamers beaming the exact same images right
next to each other is ace! Also, they’re supposed to serve an excellent dinner
for a fairly small amount of money, there’s DJ’s and bands playing there every
night, plus the entrance fee is only two and a half euros, offering over three
hours of the best and worst of the international video junk scene.

Tonite is a ‘North Korea theme night’… Might just catch us there.

allemaal goed en wel…


It’s nice to have the International Film Festival in town, it provides our great
city with a little extra glamour and there are actually people walking the other-
wise empty streets at night. Not that I’ve seen any of this actually happening,
I did see it on TV yesterday, as there’s a daily(?) festival report on ‘3’. It is
said that tonights’ broadcast is about ‘drugs and film’, which I for one think is
an excellent combo.

Anyway, the downside to the festival is that I have to wait longer before I can go
see ‘Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School’, starring my very
own special high school sweetheart Marisa Tomei. I guess I first saw her in
‘My Cousin Vinnie’ (for which she won the Oscar for best supporting actress),
but it wasn’t til I saw Heartburn that I really, really fell in love with this super
casual ‘I just got out of bed, but I’m still amazingly cute’ woman. She’s the
reason ‘What women want’ is watchable and now she’s starring in this dance
flick next to Robert Carlyle, John Goodman, Mary Steenburgen and Donnie
Wahlberg. Just can’t be bad.

In the meantime I have no time to see whatever film festival film since I’ve
been making graphic designs and preparations for our upcoming show (that
Gyz has already mentioned, but which will have its own post on this site pretty
soon). When I’m stuck inside I usually listen to loads of records, but sometimes
I’ve got this thing that I just can’t stand listening to whatever music. It all
sounds like shit to me then. Except for logically built music like Bach or Ella
Fitzgerald / Cole Porter stuff. Strange, it’s as if all complicated music just
gets on my nerves solely because of its complexity or its ‘loudness’, its avant
garde-ism, or shit like that. Probably that’s why I’ve been playing ‘Highway 61
Revisited’ (Bob Dylan) like there’s no tomorrow. It’s razor sharp, it’s simple,
it’s point-A-to-point-B-in-a-straight-line and I like it.

The next best thing is ‘Eigen Wereld’, the new Opgezwolle album. Dude, those
guys are intense! Once I saw Delic on the mic at Appelsap in the Amsterdam
Oosterpark. In the middle of the show he was up front at the stage screaming
‘We gaan ka-pot, Amsterdam!’ (slang). Everybody laughed, he’s a really funny
guy, a character. But he’s also a true beat magician. Some of the tracks on the
new album are just plain fucking genius. If you’re not a Dutch speaker, see if
you can download their song called ‘Elektro Stress’. A smashing electro-fuelled
hip hop classic. Of course I could never tell, but I think it doesn’t really matter
if you can understand the lyrics or not. If you can’t, well that’s too bad, Freako
Rico and Sticky Steez rock mics like poets from another planet (‘eigen wereld’
means ‘own world’). The raps are mostly about a society gone haywire and the
ongoing struggle and pleasures of those who say NO, or at least have doubts
about ‘systems’ that try to corrupt us all. I already knew Opgezwolle kicks a lot
of booty, but especially Delic shows some skills on ‘Eigen Wereld’ that I had not
heard before. Buy, ‘rip’ or download this album! I’m telling ya.

Gyz Gates


On the day Hamas had a ‘landslide victory’ in the Palestinian elections —about
which especially Benjamin Netanyahu (who else?) commented in a really bizarre
fashion— I’m taking y’all log readers to places you probably never went before.
Step into a world of MX50’s, video loops, video ‘hangovers’ and stuff that’s
especially funny when played backwards. You guessed right, todays’ field trip
takes us into the weird world of VJ-ing.

Gyz will soon post something useful on his last dropped knowledge bomb called
‘GZA version 0.3’, but I’ll try and explain what’s so damn good about it in plain
ignorant non-VJ lingo. The thing is, Gyz (technically backed up by his pals at
Telco Systems) came up with a way to broadcast full PAL —which means ‘the
full size of your TV screen’— looped playbacks, real time. Simply slide your
selected movie-clips in the herefore designed ‘box’ and watch ’em go.
Apparantly NO ONE before had ever come up with the luminous idea of creating
such a handy tool. Pretty strange, huh? I mean, looping stuff is pretty much
‘what a VJ does for a living’. At least, it is in my conservative mind.

Anyway, if you’re not VJ-ing often, check out the manual to the GZA v. 0.3
software anyway. Gyz got into that whole ATARI 2600 games look and I can’t
say otherwise than that it looks rad!

Where can we find all this suave material? you ask. Easy, on the brand new
‘Gyz La Rivière’ website. Up and running, baby.

Ramses Shaffies


Remember Parting?
Check out this registration video!

It’s 2006 boyyeeee!


This whole month is a very busy month for me. First of all I moved out of the
HuMobisten office. Now I have my office at home for a while, cause I think it’s
time for a change, and I am convinced that this new area which will be born out
of this step will do (on the long) term our HuMobisten collaboration really good.
Meanwhile we are very busy with the finishing touch of our bookie. We will have
our book presentation (and the start of our exhibition show) about the HuMobisten
early years 2000-2005 upcoming month on february 17th, so put that in your
Filofax. The next day on the 18th I have a premier. It’s a theatre play and it’s
called Milarepa. Geert Mul, Gideon Kiers and me are doing the video. It’s going
to be a very technical thing with a Wheel of Fortune kinda screen. Well, I am not
telling you all the details, but as you can see on the picture above, that I have
been playing with the blocks a lot in the last 2 weeks…

Big news about the boys:
Now you can buy the book Match Maker by Geert Mul. It’s a must have if you’re
an image freak and for all you anthropology lovers.
And the short film Crosslinx by Telco Systems is nominated for the Tiger Awards
Competition for short film at the IFFR. Big shout outs to Gideon and Lucas!

Gekke Biemans


Beetje op z’n nieuwjaarsborrels, dus als je echt niks te doen heb, dan kan je
Geert Mul en mij ff checken op de Rini Biemans Road Show..


Bij het CBK Rotterdam zijn ze lekker bezig. Heette de vorige tentoonstelling
in de Artotheek nog ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume?’ (wat me een verdraaid
moeilijk te overtreffen titel leek), het is ze gelukt! ze zijn nu teruggekomen
met ‘Mooie Dingen’. Wow! ‘Rechtsachter’ is bovendien werk te zien van ene
Anne Schiffer en die show heet ‘Je Moeder!’. Kijk, zo run je een artspace!



Yesterday was a weird night at the clubhouse. First of all there was this Swedish
band called Dungen, who were really nice. They reminded me of a sort of
seventees radio station dominated by the almighty Led Zep. They were alright,
tho they never really seemed to lose themselves in the process of creating mud
covered walls of jazz-fueled mystery rock. Very strict. But quite good.

Afterwards it was back to James Bond drinks and hangin’ out. After a short while
of listening to heartbroken stories, eating cakes, exchanging glances, seeing old
school photographs of friends wearing ludicrous sweaters and shaking hands me
and my company went to the ‘newer’ part of the clubhouse where my buddies
Frietje and Proberen were sharing a table. It didn’t take me long to find out what
they were laughing about. Apparently, PRBRN had made a joke that made Hans
(a dutch comedian and film maker who happened to sit five feet away
from our table) laugh and Frietje just thought Hans T. was very funny.
I decided to stick around for a while and witnessed more and more people takin
seats near that magical table just opposite ours. That Hans Teeuwen truly is a
very funny guy. He was making jokes, doin’ bits, acting stupid, the whole deal.
He quit the theatre, but who knows maybe he started doin’ bars instead. I don’t
know the reason of his showing up in our club house, but it was really nice to see
him in person once. To some it might have been strange or whatever, but I just
kept my distance and enjoyed the good man’s presence.

Who hasn’t quit the theatre and still rocks the mic (as you can see for yourself)
is our good man Rufus K(etting) —still feeling awkward about that -etting bit—.
Hosting the 301Live nights at Overtoom 301 on a monthly basis and reading a
bit of jazz on the music biz at Noorderslag next saturday. See you all there. If
you happen to live in Groningen and are an underaged beauty queen, don’t
hesitate to offer me a place to crash, I kind of need one.

’n goed begin


This guy here’s called ‘Hitmeister D’, at least when he’s spinning records that is.
Him and me go back a long way. Since high school, actually. Of those wonder
years what I remember best is that we used to go to his room, didn’t drink or
use any kinds of drugs, but just played guitars ’n drums and our Jimi Hendrix
tapes (who was our most favourite artist of all times, especially ‘Burning of
the Midnight Lamp’, ‘Spanish Castle Magic’ and ‘Manic Depression’ were our
alltime favourite hits) and talk about ‘problems’, chicks and other kinds of horror.
Come to think of it, life hasn’t really changed much, except that we can afford
bottles of wine now and we don’t usually hang out in the daytime anymore.

Anyway, as a DJ he’s doing pretty well. That’s why he decided he needed a
website. To keep his fans informed on his business and such, I guess. Well, we
all need websites nowadays. I myself can’t imagine living without one, actually.
So my friend D asked me to design this site for him and he aksed his buddy
Wink (who also attended the same high school as D and myself, only some
years later) to try and sort my wacky ideas and dito illustrator stuff out and
make a running site from it. That worked out just swell. Behold!