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Jello Biafras


Check out this video!
Vers van de pers, van Antenne TV, door Rick Messemaker.


Jawel, vanavond zijn de HuMobisten te zien op RotterdamTV, (kanaal 67+).
Om 20:30 wel te verstaan, in het programma HENK (een programma over
hedendaagse kunst) van Antenne TV.



Almost 2 months ago we did a signing thing for our book in the Blaak10 gallery.
Besides that it was museumnight, so we had an extra motivation to do a bit of
propaganda for our book ‘An Expensive Joke’.

Specially for the evening we made ’Sonic Spocht V, Casterman en de juwelen
van de pinguins’
. It’s an audiosculpture, and yes it’s the follow up from ‘Sonic
Spocht IV’
. I am curious when part VI will come out, and then ofcourse I, II and
finaly ‘Sonic Spocht III’ (We’ll keep you posted about that!).

The picture above shows you this guy who interviewed us for Radio Rijnmond,
you can listen it up here, straight from the server. We are waiting for more radio
airplay, cause we were on this show called ‘Ilse’, and that was one of the funniest
radio interviews ever… Hopefully we can share it soon…
(you need Windows Media player)

The girl in the picture wrote something about the HumoBisten? (On
Talking about words, check out the last glamcult magazine.

Oh yes, and upcoming sunday we have a chit-chat at High Tea & Talk at 15:00
in the Centrum Beeldende Kunst.

We need the media, and the media need us.

photo: Daniel Baggerman

Heel Ander Level


Lots of movie watching yesterday. First I wanted to go see Avishai Cohen at
Lantaren/Venster, but I inevitably felt way too jerky for that and me and my
bud Baron Marcel Alexander W. the First’s roommate (dirty) Diana decided to
watch not one but two movies instead. First Alfie starring Jude as Michael (which
started out quite good but ended rather disappointing) and second ‘Bad Santa’
directed by Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World) and written by the infamous Coen Bros,
this thing could only be hilarious and weird. And so ’t was. Billy Bob Thornton’s
an alcoholic crook robbin’ malls disguised as, you guessed right, Santa Claus
who cares for nothing but the three B’s (booze, bullshit and butt fucking) until he
meets this small —kind of weird— kid coping w/ christmas crap of his own. If
you haven’t yet seen this, go out and rent that fucker!

On other film related news, you kids might not be surprised to hear I’m dying
to see Capote, Walk The Line and Ziyi Zhang as melancholic geisha as well.
Maybe you ARE surprised to hear this, but then you don’t know there’s three
things that make me cry more than anything, namely:
1. reading ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
2. hearing ‘American IV / The man comes around’ by Johnny Cash
3. seeing ‘Ziyi Zhang’ perform in movies

Enough on celluloid, there’s ART to be seen next friday, namely at the same
Blaak10 Gallery the wonderful pictures of the previous post were taken. If you
don’t know Anna Hilti and her miraculous pack of CH friends, now’s the time
to get your ass off the couch, don’t go home shopping for the weekend and
start knowing their stuff tomorrow at six pm (and on some other dates as
their show’s fully booked w/ special occasions/performances throughout the
length of the exhibition). Tomorrow starts off with a ‘FLAMBOYANT OPENING
SHOW’, details: “Deep Trash LIVE Live Typo opening performance, Superhero
Flight-show with At No Bikini Beach (NL)”. Sounds good enough for me.


‘Een Ander Level’


‘Google’ / 2006, photographs, 150 x 115 cm, color
The Corporate Eye™ / 2006, installation


ik sta
te kijken

naar m’n leven

het vliegt

hoe vlieg ik

je verleert het
met de tijd

ik verwijt het

is er maar één
ik ga door

Off Screen

Vanavond in Zaal de Unie is er o.a. een vertoning van ‘HuMobiza 2005’ in
kader van het Hard Pop Kino-programma van Showroom MAMA of beter
gezegd uit de tentoonstelling ‘Ipod Killed the Videostar’. Verder nog allerlei
andere leuke dingen te bewonderen. Aanvang: 20.00 uur en het is for free!

Meer info? Klik hiero (en kijk bij Vrijdag 7 April, ff naar beneden scrollen!)

If Football ain’t Art, Then this ain’t Football


Finally I am settled in my new workingspace in the Northside of Rotterdam.
Besides that, I also moved my house up there. I was born there, and now
turning almost 30, I have to go back probally, somehow, for a reason, who
knows… Obi knows… for sure… And besides that he told me to put this video
online, cause this is ballet, for real… (this video is off line, sorry!)

Thanks for Geert Mul’s DVD recorder from his home cinema!