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Football rules the world. All the more so in 2006 – the year that the Football World
Championships take place in Germany. Commissioned by Umbro, photographer
Levon Biss travelled around the world for a year. The result is One Love, a
photography project depicting the attraction and impact of the beautiful game
around the world. The video presentation was developed by Geert Mul and me
and based on the Jugendstil style of the Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam.

What we did is that we fucked up Levon Biss book (Biss’ worldwide study
delivered a photographic document of around 300 photographs, each telling
a story of how people eat, sleep and play football everywhere in the world.),
and made a nice new cut-up version of the material.

You can check it out at the Beurs van Berlage café till July 9th.

Super Mario Bros


Damn, I lost all of my text (for this post) in my MovableType weblog publishing
software. Anyway talking of software, the GZA software corporation will publish
a silver Mario Bros necklace pretty soon. Look out for that in the future.

I follow Mario since playing Donkey Kong when I was about 5 years old. Nobody
would knew back then that that little plummer would be more famous today then
Mickey Mouse.

My man Pieter Vos send me this Mario race. Check it out, dude! So fast through
all the levels till the end (offcourse with the use and know-hows of the warps).
And the lovely Amie Dicke send me this (HuMobism like) theatre-play inspired
by Mario. There is also a Japanese version to watch, laughter… And check the
hilarious Mario and Zelda Big Band playing live for almost 2 hours!

When I will get a babies-boys-twin in the future, when I settle down with my wife,
which I don’t have yet, their names will definitely be Mario and Luigi (laughter!).

Can I have a Diet Coke?


photo by: Rachel Papo



Tonite the HuMobisten give a lecture about ‘what inspires them’ in De Witte Zaal,
The Hague as part of a monthly designer cafe, called ZEFIR7. If you want to find
out more about how we deal with the stuff that surrounds our eyeballs, don’t
hesitate and come visite our lecture at Casuariestraat 16, The Hague (very close
near the Central Train Station, around the corner of the Koninginnegracht / KABK).
It opens at 8 pm, we start ’round 8.30.

Oh, and apparently Andrew Hill plays Lantaren/Venster this Saturday… find
out more on that right here.

not so good, Al!


Leon sent me this photo of him and me today, which kind of led to me writing
a post on stuff I totally forgot about, but wanted to tell you all about anyway.

Leon obviously is the guy on the left, he’s quite a character but I can’t say too
much about him, for he’ll definately use it against me in whatever situation.
This picture was taken by Anton Corbijn(!!!) during the Motel Mozaique Festival
last month, which was just plain awesome. On the first of the two days I saw
Adam Green perform at the 3voor12 stage in Tent., ate roti at Rose Marie’s w/
-among others- my friend Danielle who had just flown in from New York, where
she lives and works as a photographer (she made a great series on Tom Verlaine
for Wire Magazine, maybe you’ve seen that!). Anyway after dinner we saw
Battles kicking ass, then John Buysman as Cor Vaan in the theatre play ‘public
Animal’ (GREAT!!!) and if that wasn’t enough we smoked one and bugged out
to the sound and disturbingly ‘skeg’ visuals of Black Dice. We danced some to
the beats of the Idjut Boys and went home. The day after I came VERY late
and only just saw the Cardigans, who were excellent (and a breath of fresh air
in a way) and not much later it was time for dancin’. Thank God our very own
David Vunk was invited as well, cause he and I-F (Ferenc) (but especially my
man David V!!!) turned the Nighttown main hall upside down. In the basement
Lindsey (Negroclash) introduced me to 1999’s Detroit-esque house classic:
‘Deep Burnt’ by Pepe Braddock, which apparantly revolves around this tiny
string sample of a Freddie Hubbard tune called ‘little sunflower’. (I’m downin’
that thing as we speak.) I felt so happy with that Deep Burnt thing and with
the fact my neighbours (my neighbours are a record shop) were there on the
same dancefloor to tell me that it was in fact ‘Pepe Braddock’ that we were
clingin’ on to. That conversation went a little like this:
Me: ‘Who is this?!!??!’
Frank: ‘Pepe Braddock!!!!’
Me again: ‘PEPPER BRADDOCK?!!??!?!!?’
Frank: ‘Yeah!!’
Me (thinking): ‘I’d best put that in my outbox messages somewhere…’
I wasn’t able to download that thing anywere and the 12″ is long gone, but
fortunately my friend (Hitmeister) D. had it somewhere in his old stash and
didn’t really mind givin’ it to me. After all, I did make him a hell of a nice
Queensday shirt to give away to his numerous fans and the best business is
the trading kind of business, isn’t it?



‘metal candybox, 20 sec exposure, late afternoon, smoking cigarettes’

I saw my friend ‘++++’ last sunday. We hang out and had a good time. It
makes me verry happy that he’s doing much better now.. That he’s got more
grip. He made the picture above with a pinhole camera. Pinhole photography is
lensless photography. More info about pinhole?

May 5th


Last Friday the Netherlands celibrated their freedom. Freedom of war and
freedom in general. There is a party in every province. I’ve been asked to
do the live-video performance during the whole day in Rotterdam together
with Koot of Cognitive Dissonant Enterprises. This time there was no projection
but a LED screen. Cause otherwise you don’t see a thing during daylight.
Pretty soon there will be a new GZA application called the RAZZA. I will keep
you posted about that.. People are busy working on it at the GZA software HQ.
Anyway it was fun to VJ again…

the greatest day I’ve ever known


Tomorrow and Sunday’s the final practice days for a new Rotjong piece called
‘Vandaag en vandaag’, a play concisting of of four dialogues mainly about
Relationships, Trust and Growing up. No wonder they asked me to write a
score for the play, since I seem to find them three themes pretty interesting.

The mighty Jeroen S. Rozendaal, Vincent van Duin, Milena van den Berg and
myself will be performing the score LIVE, on (mainly) two guitars and a cello.
I’ll be banging on the piano some. For all of you that wish to bang pianos as
well, if you’re a Rotterdam library pass holder there’s a couple of piano
rehearsal spaces on the sixth floor you can use for exactly one hour a day.

This might also be a nice occasion to mention that those three swell musicians
truly helped me out a lot putting the pieces together and come up with a decent
soundtrack. Thank you.

other credits:
The dialogues are written by Maarten Bakker, Amar El-Ajjouri, Enver Husicic
and Anna van der Kruis, the costumes are made by Sara Hakkenberg and
the lot’s being directed by the particularly open minded Marielle van de Griendt.

Friday may 12th / 20.30 !!! Saturday may 13th / 20.30 !!!
Sunday may 14th / 20.30 !!! Monday may 15th / 17.00 AND 20.30 !!!

8 euros / CJP-holders: 5 euros

ROTJONG website:
right here, daddy-o


So, last saturday in Holland we celebrated the birthday of our Queen’s mom,
or is it her grandmother (I really wouldn’t know) a day early. Because of it
being a sunday on the regularly scheduled Queensday, God or Retail took care
of business and made sure this year Queensday (a day one half of the Dutch
population sell their junk on the street as the other half’s buying it) happened
on a saturday.
I bought me an excellent book on friendship, a framed picture of two goblins
catching butterflies, a book on Wave Surfing and the Matthäus Passion (St.
Matthew Passion) for almost nothing. Then I went to see Der Versucher jam
with the Ragtime Wranglers, a sort of western swing, cowboy.. blues… thing.
Anyway, as no one shakes maracas like Proberen, you can probably imagine
why I, immediately after his performance, went off escaping the largest
drunken crowd I’d seen in a while and finally see Brokeback Mountain (or
‘Berg van het Gebroken Kontje’, as our friend Proberen often calls it…).
Anyway, I thought it was even better than Capote (which I saw last monday),
which was nice and also left me speechless as the ending titles rolled over
the screen, but which also seemed to miss something. Or maybe I just
thought it was a bit too much here and there. I dunno… maybe I’m just sort
of too much myself lately.
That jazz on my paper work piling up to the ceiling I told you kids about some
time ago seems to be cleened up, or at least it’s in progress. I promissed y’all
I’d get back at that sooner or later. Well, here it is. Hard work, and pulling a
sharp focus actually helped. Surprise!?!

If you sometimes wonder ‘Who in hell makes those excellent drawings on the
Off the Road Show flyers?’, check out a ‘recently freshed up and pretty tidy’
website hosting the incomparable drawings and dreamy universe of miss Yke
Schotten, also nominated ‘best smiler in the world’.

Oh, and here’s the new I-WANT-A-MAC! commercials: ‘sounds like hours of
fun…’. Life is good when you’re a Mac Nerd!