Yep, it’s 06-06-06 today, and you know what…? Tonight at 12 p.m. when it’s
going to be the 7th of June, Rotterdam wil be 666 years old. That’s quite bizarre
won’t you think?

On the picture above you see Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, born in R’dam
in 1466. It’s the oldest statue of the Netherlands. And do you know the legacy
about him standing there?

The story of the statue of Erasmus, erected hundreds of years, “Stand and
watch. When Erasmus hears the bells of St. Laurenskerk (every hour), he
turns a page of his book.”

People back in 1622 (when this version of the statue was reveilled) were pretty
fed up with the statue, cause they saw in Erasmus a person who criticized religion.

What will he do tonight at 0.00?