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heel krisis


Yesterday Dutch ex minister of governmental renewal Alexander Pechtold
(of the democratic D’66 party) started an early campaign for the upcoming
elections which will be held probably some time around march 2007.

So, the Dutch government ‘fell’ yesterday over some real bogus reason. I
won’t go into the details (if you’re a dutch reader you might be able to find
some information right here) but I guess all of you that saw NOVA know
that mrs. van der Laan talks quite a lot when she sleeps too little, claiming
Pechtolds’ hands are no longer bound when it comes to ‘reciting from the
refound/renewed party program’.

On the other hand, Minister Verdonk should have walked when she was
asked to do so, but I guess everyone knew the VVD wasn’t going to let
their prize winning cash cow go, certainly not to start a party of her own
with other geeks running around on the old fashioned (as all hard lines
are old fashioned) right wing of the political Netherlands.

Anyway, this 1975 prog-pop album by supertramp popped into mind. This
post’s for you and your party, Lousewies. Big up, anyway!

PS. Of course my own special sweetheart, Femke Halsema (1966) made
another stunning appearance on NOVA. She probably needs no sleep as
she was as sharp and energetic and stunningly handsome as always. I
can’t wait for the next elections. Voting for her always kind of feels like
she’s saying ‘hi’ to you.

Confoederatio Helvetica


This weekend Gyz and me are off to Genève (Geneva) to do our performance
called HuMobiza. In cooperation w/ der Versucher we made a track about a
guy who had a beautiful experience on a Ibiza after party on the beach.
I guess the performance is about Holland, dreams, the importance of words,
the importance of presentation and of course Ibiza, which is a sort of Never
Neverland for Gyz and me, since we’ve never been there and probably will
never go there plus we both think we’ll just love it out there. At least I do.

It’s always a lot of fun when Gyz and me go out on a trip like this. We usually
share a hotel room and stay up laughing til it’s really late. Sometimes we add
one or two things to the stuff we’re doing the next day (I guess we’re just on
a roll just before we go to sleep, I don’t know what that is). Anyway, most of
the time we’re just being ten year old guys giggling, keeping the neighbours
awake and generally acting stupid. Boy, I’m really looking forward to such a

Last time we went to Finland, the country with the highest suicide rate in all
of Europe. I do have a little advise for the Fins. When you’re on a five hour
train ride you don’t want to see idyllic landscapes passing by to the sound
of Simon and Garfunkel (homeward bound, I wish I wa-ha-has…) or Leonard
“I never even knew how much I wanted you, she said” Cohen. Man! It’s not
really rocket science putting one and two together!

I remember putting by bags in the compartment over my head, putting my
seat in the upright position, trying to get comfortable enough to survive the
coming hours (J.D.’s Nine Stories within reach), the train left and a second
later I heard ‘hello darkness my old friend…’. In Finland for Chrissake! The
darkest of all places. ‘Well, that’s nice when you’re feeling somewhat hyper
sensitive’ I told Gyz, but he just said ‘Who’s hyper sensitive?’. We really
don’t know each other that well.

krakatau #39


krakatau #39 is uit! Voor maar 3 euro een schoonheid van het duister in volle
glorie. Ga em dus scoren die krak!

Je m’appelle La Rivière


I just made this flag, as a birthday present for my parents. It’s our family
weapon, and (ofcourse) behind it, it’s the Rotterdam flag (laughter)…



Thanks for showing up at my surprise party in my favourite (most famous)
‘Grand Hotel Central’. Big Hugs! You guys had me TUK.

photo: Nicole Martens

Captain, my captain!


In The Netherlands there’s an after hours tv show called ‘Dode Dichters Almanak’, which means ‘Dead Poets Almanac‘. I’m not entirely sure, but I think an almanac’s a sort of encyclopedia for boats. Come to think of it, that just can’t be right.
Anyway, last night I saw an awful lot of pretty good tv, first there was an interview with the movie director that just did a film version of John Fante’s ‘Ask the Dust’ (which happens to be one of my favourite books) in which he stated ‘People now tend to not be led by what’s in the past, but luckilly this
tendency’s changing and more and more people aren’t closing their eyes to history. Since it provides us w/ a better understanding of the now plus it’s good to recognize that people have been coping with the same shit for decades, so in a way that’s also what binds us.’ You should have been there, I guess…

Afterwards (the ‘Dead Poets Almanac’ is usually the last show of the days’ broadcast) I was introduced to German poet, playwright, whatever Erich Kästner, reading this passage from his book ‘Sinn und Wesen der Satire’. I tried to look it up on Real format, but it’s useless. There is a page right here on the VPRO site, where the clip might be added later. But until then y’all need to read that mother in German for once.

It all ends a little something like this: Das wird und kann die Satiriker nicht
davon abhalten, ihre Pflicht zu erfüllen. “Sie können nicht schweigen, weil sie
Schulmeister sind”, hab ich in einem Vorwort geschrieben, “- und Schulmeister
müssen schulmeistern. Ja, und im verstecktesten Winkel ihres Herzens blüht
schüchtern und trotz allem Unfug der Welt die törichte, unsinnige Hoffnung,
daß die Menschen vielleicht doch ein wenig, ein ganz klein wenig besser
werden könnten, wenn man sie oft genug beschimpft, bittet, beleidigt und
auslacht. Satiriker sind Idealisten.”

I thought it pretty funny and being the human chameleon that I am, I recognized myself in the fingerpointing, mocking and cursing school teacher, thus the satirist and wasn’t sure what to think of that. Anyway, if you come to reading the whole thing, you’ll find it’s not just bad to be the satirist. The
tough part‘s probably that you can’t really be missed, but it would be much nicer if you weren’t here at all.

By the way, if you want to know more about human chameleons, I suggest you go out and rent the splendid Woody Allen 1983 classic Zelig, which I first saw when I was about ten or so and continued to see at least every five years. I’m telling you it’s splendid and might even be Woody’s best film ever!

I’m just saying…

The Sound of Science


On another note, the HuMobisten recently gave a pretty well prepared lecture
at Zefir7. Not too many of you came to check that one out, but this review (by
Anne Miltenburg) might just make you think twice about seeing us doin’ so in
the future. (if you’re an english reader there’s an ‘ENGLISH’ button at the
bottom of the review.)

Picture: Renate Boere

F.C. De Unie (in de Nighttown!)


Last friday the Dutchies played their first match for the world cup and won! Of
course baron Marcel Alexander Wiebenga (the Ist) threw another groovy LLIK
soccer party
and will continue to do so with all the dutch matches to come.
Next up are ‘les éléphants de la Côte d’Ivoire’ (Ivory Coast), starring Kalou,
Toure and Drogba. That’s bound to become one hell of a thriller. In Nighttown
the fun starts one exact hour before the matches, so next friday I’ll be seeing
you all at five o’ clock as Hitmeister D and me are DJ’ing during the game.
Last sunday Jules Deelder took care of the after-soccer party programme, as
well as the Benjamin Herman Trio who performed live in the Nighttown garden.
Next friday we organized flying in the Amsterdam based Last Night On Earth
monster sound, starring Fem, the Gilmour Guys and loads of free Vodkas.

pictures: Esther Stam
more pictures and all the rest on LLIK’s soccer parties, go here.



Next thursday, 8th of June MOOSE and Off_Corso present an evening of film
around the exhibition ‘Ugly Winners’ at MOOSE, a sideshow of the Beautiful
Losers program in Lille/Liege. Films that are shown are ‘How They Get There’
(Mark Gonzales & Spike Jonze), ‘Deformer’ (Mike Mills), ‘Skating with Dave
and Jared’ (Mike Mills), ‘Amarillo By Morning’ (Spike Jonze) and the feature
film ‘Downtown 81’, starring Jean Michel Basquiat!!! (which is supposed to
‘vividly depict the explosive downtown New York art and music scene of

Afterwards DJ Salinger (me) in the foyer, ’depicting’ the New York art and
music scene of 1980-81 audio-wise. Programme: From 8.30 til 1.00



Yep, it’s 06-06-06 today, and you know what…? Tonight at 12 p.m. when it’s
going to be the 7th of June, Rotterdam wil be 666 years old. That’s quite bizarre
won’t you think?

On the picture above you see Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, born in R’dam
in 1466. It’s the oldest statue of the Netherlands. And do you know the legacy
about him standing there?

The story of the statue of Erasmus, erected hundreds of years, “Stand and
watch. When Erasmus hears the bells of St. Laurenskerk (every hour), he
turns a page of his book.”

People back in 1622 (when this version of the statue was reveilled) were pretty
fed up with the statue, cause they saw in Erasmus a person who criticized religion.

What will he do tonight at 0.00?