Monthly Archives: July 2006

Logging in from Doorn, The Netherlands.


Didn’t post for a while. But it’s summertime, and then I am out there. And that’s
the most wise thing to do in this very hot period. And I’ve got Obi on my back,
and this guy is dead serious, you know.

Just had this workshop over here about programming applications for mobilephones.
It can be done with this program called Python. If you want to know more about
this go to this website. This bloke of this link just learned me how to make my
first application for a mobile phone ever, hehe…
I am gonna dive into this more. I see many possibilities, dude!

Anyway, new breeding season is gonna come, and I am looking foreward to it.
I am busy with several things right now, like working on an art-piece for in a
groupshow at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst, which will open upcoming September.
I am not telling you what it’s going to be about, because it will be hard to get this
project done. You will understand when it’s there, laughter…

Besides that, I am busy with the making of a short video/film with the title
‘Schwarzkopf’ which is going to be an ego-documentary thing. ‘Schwarzkopf’
will be an open story about how I experienced my panic attacks during the
last few years.

Also be working on a flyer book in the upcoming months with the work-title:
flyer’dam. Which will show a selection of the best flyers that have been made
from the period 1988 till now out of Rotterdam. Besides that it will do historical
jumps through the communication material of dada evenings in the 20’s,
Shampoo parties (out of the clan of the days of C.B. Vaandrager) in the 60’s,
Holland Pop festival in Kralingen, crazy stuff at the Eksit and the list goes on.
But, mainly flyers that have been made when House music came along until now..

And there was this Polish invitation for doing a HuMobisten thing over there,
so that sounds exciting.

That’s all for now.



…and the wine was delicious.
All in the family, dudes! Check out my crib!

Swinging Summer


We just finished these banners for the Dutch railway company. They hang there
since monday in the Central Station of Rotterdam. You can’t miss them, as you
can see on the picture above. Many thanks to Fleur Kolk and Michel Witte.



I just made this flyer a few weeks ago. It’s for the 7th annual TENT. Academy
Awards. You can check those films, videos, shorts and animations out on
Thursday the 20th of July. check this link for more details.

met volle mond

Van alles dat mijn mond uit liep
(buik vol van overlopend hart)
waren de woorden gericht aan
die ene,
de toevallige luisteraar
de regen en de wind,
juist die, die ik missen kon
Die me mateloos irriteerden
lieten twijfelen
waren slecht en stom

Maar nu alles wat ik zeg goed,
esthetisch in orde,
inhoudelijk prima is
alle sex die mijn lippen maakt
eerst pijlsnel nagelopen lijkt
— Verstaat u mij? Ja? Jammer —

zijn de onverstaanbare mormennen
die me zo’n nu aantrellen
(waar vannink zo vout
dat ik malvast één oor nomen heb
onze realiteit vast watten tarten)
oneindig veel bangrijker woorden
En mooie
En lieve
en echt

HuMobiza in Genève


Last weekend we did the performance HuMobiza 2005 again, but this time in
2006. The performance festival ‘Points d’impact’ was ‘happening’ in this venue
called Usine Kugler, and was organised by Espace Piano Nobile. It was fun!
But if you go to Genève someday, watch out for the Genèvse Kikvors.
I know we did, laughter…