absolute aanrader…


Gyz probably is way too busy doing the last stuff for his upcoming installation
exhibited at CBK, so I’ll just post it for him. Be sure to be there tomorrow night
at the CBK, Rotterdam at 8 o’ clock as the ABSOLUT SEARCH then begins.
Gyz made something quite spectacular so come check that out and have a
few cold, transparant drinks w/ us and the rest of this artsy, designy city.
Other participants are (amongst many others) Mark Jenkins of the US of A
and Niels Post and Jeroen Jongeleen of the Lands of Nether.

Gyz and me also made a poster for that thing. If your name is Henk Klunder,
I suggest you come check that out as well. We’ll buy you a vodka! By the way,
that impotence thing up there evidently comes from adbusters, who we never
before linked on our site. I wonder why…

Oh, and for all of you that read this thing all the way down to here, I’ll let you
in on a little secret: next saturday at one thirty in the afternoon dutch Art and
Media Superguy Wim T. Schippers will read from Goethe’s ‘Egmont’ in the
Rotterdam Library. Here’s even more info on that.