All great truths begin as blasphemies

Not too long ago Canadian robotics artist and scientist Graham Smith showed me
a full page ad in the Economist, put there by a company named Steorn. Graham
explaned to me that supposedly these guys undeliberately came up with a sort of,
or an actual, perpetuum mobile (some of the world’s most cynical scientist are
trying to find out just that, as we speak). Anyway, find out more on their attempt
to save the world from ‘dangerous’ energy here.

As I was showing this to Meinhard (who I’m not even linking anymore, just type
‘Meinhard’ in the SEARCH section somewhere on the left of this website) he told
me that the problems these guys at Steorn are facing reminded him somewhat
of this documentary film.

If you’re from around Rotterdam and you’re interested in energy, let me inform
you of the following: Tomorrow night I’m drummin’ in my man Fabio’s Blues-a-
billy Rock outfit at Tent. (I guess it’s a ‘multi avond’, but I’m not sure.)