…and we take a little piece of Amsterdam


I don’t usually go on holidays, but my good friend Bas V. asked me to join him
and his family on a week long holiday to the Costa Brava, Spain. I thought it
over for about twenty minutes and decided to hop on the bus and get it over
with. It turned out to be not so big a deal to leave it all behind and just let go
of the work. Going on holidays is actually very relaxing… Duh!

Anyway, since there was plenty of time to get my head straight I have decided
that for the next week, week-and-a-half, two weeks or so I’m putting something
online every day. Starting today. There’s a lot inside my head that needs to be
tested on its right to exist by putting it on this very log. Feel free to comment
‘yeah’ or ‘nay’ to its existance, once it’s out there. I’m going to start using this
log sort of like Gyz seeing his own personal Obi every now and then.

Anyway, there’s three things I ask your special attention for, namely:
1. Jan Smit (aka Jantje Smit) has a recent album called ‘JANSMIT.COM’. If Andy
Warhol would have still been alive, I think he would have liked that! Bas and I
listened to that record three or four times en route. It’s hilarious. Mr. Smit sings
the bestest Dutch stuff you ever heard (Ja ik wil jou, ja jij!) and tells about his
crazy love life in the meantime. Only the true dutch player will combine pimpin’
with a mad paling sound and lyrics that’ll kill you. Buy this!

2. I was warned to not read this on the beach. Even so, I did it. Biesheuvel ain’t
for pussies. Or maybe he is, but then I probably am a pussy myself. In Holland
every year a writer’s being asked to write a gift, a book one gets for free when
buying a book, or at least spends a small amount of money in a book store. It’s
all for the promotion of reading books I suppose, but it’s also quite an honour to
be chosen writer of the Boekenweek geschenk (book-week gift). In 1988 it was
Biesheuvel’s ‘Een overtollig mens’ (A superfluous human), a collection of short
stories. Book week gifts are often one or two euros in second hand book shops
and on book markets and stuff. If you come across this one, don’t hesitate and
get yourself this stunningly beautiful book that left the other books I took for
tanning hours (Toon Tellegen’s Irmengarde’s Zondeval and Tsjechov’s Stories)
far behind in the big Literature Competition of Life.

then, 3., I came home, still felt holiday-like. Finished some stuff ’round the
house, DJ-ed the closing night at the annual CA convention, walked around on
Dutch International Airport Schiphol for a half an hour checking out the girls
in blue and went to the big Rotterdam Shirt Design Contest day of truth. All
Rotterdam shirt designers were asked to the Soho bar (Pannekoekstraat) to
drink loads of caipiriñhas and come hear that your own special ‘moi’ won that
My design ‘Otterdam’ (Rotterdam, city of otters) somehow persuaded the jury
to be elected best of 2006! They were showing all the other designs on a screen
in the bar and I actually thought a shirt that merely said ‘OHJAJOH’ was my
definitive no. 1. But, fortunately I wasn’t invited to be member of the jury. A
day later someone named Eigenraam even posted a small article about it in a
local news paper. Must have made my mom proud.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I put a selection online of the best/funniest/
nicest Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages I received during these last
two years!

PS. I’m just reading Arthur Lee died last night. Bummer in the summer, dude!


  1. Posted August 4, 2006 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    Hahahaha Otterdam! Fet! Voor hoeveel kank die kope?

  2. lidia
    Posted August 4, 2006 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

    Great design! Wonderful DJ! lidia

  3. Posted August 5, 2006 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    -Jan smit is niet te doen, kan ik niet aan.Huilend in een hoekje…
    -Vakantie is altijd goed en met drama van de bovenste plank zo mogelijk nog beter.
    -Komt er ook een vrouwenmaatje van dat price-winnig-shirt op de markt?
    gefeliciteerd en welkom thuis.


  4. rufus
    Posted August 5, 2006 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    euh… ja,

    ik heb er al een paar gezien, zowel (meisjes)hempjes als T’s. De huidige oplage wordt door invloedrijke figuren verdeeld over Jan en Alleman. Als je zo heet, heb je dus een mazzeltje. Verder gaan ze dan sowieso vanaf oktober de verkoop in, bij onder andere Lijfstijl. Westewagenstraat, je weet toch?!


  5. Geen Jan en geen Alleman
    Posted August 8, 2006 at 12:35 pm | Permalink


    Donderdag zag ik inderdaad een meisjeshempje voorbij komen! Wil er ook één!

    Laat het me weten als je weer iets leuks doet met een presentatie ofzo, dan kom ik ffkes kieken!