Confoederatio Helvetica


This weekend Gyz and me are off to Genève (Geneva) to do our performance
called HuMobiza. In cooperation w/ der Versucher we made a track about a
guy who had a beautiful experience on a Ibiza after party on the beach.
I guess the performance is about Holland, dreams, the importance of words,
the importance of presentation and of course Ibiza, which is a sort of Never
Neverland for Gyz and me, since we’ve never been there and probably will
never go there plus we both think we’ll just love it out there. At least I do.

It’s always a lot of fun when Gyz and me go out on a trip like this. We usually
share a hotel room and stay up laughing til it’s really late. Sometimes we add
one or two things to the stuff we’re doing the next day (I guess we’re just on
a roll just before we go to sleep, I don’t know what that is). Anyway, most of
the time we’re just being ten year old guys giggling, keeping the neighbours
awake and generally acting stupid. Boy, I’m really looking forward to such a

Last time we went to Finland, the country with the highest suicide rate in all
of Europe. I do have a little advise for the Fins. When you’re on a five hour
train ride you don’t want to see idyllic landscapes passing by to the sound
of Simon and Garfunkel (homeward bound, I wish I wa-ha-has…) or Leonard
“I never even knew how much I wanted you, she said” Cohen. Man! It’s not
really rocket science putting one and two together!

I remember putting by bags in the compartment over my head, putting my
seat in the upright position, trying to get comfortable enough to survive the
coming hours (J.D.’s Nine Stories within reach), the train left and a second
later I heard ‘hello darkness my old friend…’. In Finland for Chrissake! The
darkest of all places. ‘Well, that’s nice when you’re feeling somewhat hyper
sensitive’ I told Gyz, but he just said ‘Who’s hyper sensitive?’. We really
don’t know each other that well.


  1. Posted June 29, 2006 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    Have Fun boyzzzzzz Geneva kicks mucho asssssssz!

  2. Posted June 29, 2006 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    He, kom je even langs de hoofdstad als je terugkomt op Schiphol?

    Jonas mist je zo. Toen hij laatst terugkwam uit Barca, vertelde hij, dacht ie dat je op bezoek was (omdat ik je tas in de woonkamer had laten slingeren). Wat een teleurstelling toen bleek dat je niet op visite was!

    En veel plezier in Zwitserland. Vergeet niet dat je op het vliegveld tax free sigaretten kan kopen. Het is buiten de EU!