Yesterday was a weird night at the clubhouse. First of all there was this Swedish
band called Dungen, who were really nice. They reminded me of a sort of
seventees radio station dominated by the almighty Led Zep. They were alright,
tho they never really seemed to lose themselves in the process of creating mud
covered walls of jazz-fueled mystery rock. Very strict. But quite good.

Afterwards it was back to James Bond drinks and hangin’ out. After a short while
of listening to heartbroken stories, eating cakes, exchanging glances, seeing old
school photographs of friends wearing ludicrous sweaters and shaking hands me
and my company went to the ‘newer’ part of the clubhouse where my buddies
Frietje and Proberen were sharing a table. It didn’t take me long to find out what
they were laughing about. Apparently, PRBRN had made a joke that made Hans
(a dutch comedian and film maker who happened to sit five feet away
from our table) laugh and Frietje just thought Hans T. was very funny.
I decided to stick around for a while and witnessed more and more people takin
seats near that magical table just opposite ours. That Hans Teeuwen truly is a
very funny guy. He was making jokes, doin’ bits, acting stupid, the whole deal.
He quit the theatre, but who knows maybe he started doin’ bars instead. I don’t
know the reason of his showing up in our club house, but it was really nice to see
him in person once. To some it might have been strange or whatever, but I just
kept my distance and enjoyed the good man’s presence.

Who hasn’t quit the theatre and still rocks the mic (as you can see for yourself)
is our good man Rufus K(etting) —still feeling awkward about that -etting bit—.
Hosting the 301Live nights at Overtoom 301 on a monthly basis and reading a
bit of jazz on the music biz at Noorderslag next saturday. See you all there. If
you happen to live in Groningen and are an underaged beauty queen, don’t
hesitate to offer me a place to crash, I kind of need one.


  1. mees
    Posted January 12, 2006 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    je kan natuurlijk bij gerrit maffen
    wat dacht jij dan

  2. Rev
    Posted January 15, 2006 at 12:58 am | Permalink

    Today I visited Remco Campert and accidentally left my fags at his rather nice appartment. I imagine him smoking those right now with a glimpse smile. Cuz only the rich can really appriciate sumthin that iz free.