dreams to remember


Here’s two IFFR things you may not want to miss out on.

Eelko Ferwerda’s ‘American Dreams’ (produced by Michel Smit and Marcel
Visbeen). Eelko first told me about a script he was thinking of this summer.
He came by my house (we were practically neighbours back then) and we
played some cool jazz to beat summer heat and to get in the ‘vibe’ of the
movie to be. I can’t tell you what it’s about, as I could easily give away plots
and I want to spoil nobody’s fun. But I can say that especially when you’re
from Rotterdam you’re going to think this movie rocks serious ass! Besides,
if you need a reason to go there, think of this: how cool is it that my friend
Eelko, who isn’t a big name in the Dutch Film industry YET, had set his mind
on GTST’s Isabella to play the leading role in his flick and actually got her?!?
(Infinite props to the fellas at Dirk Cornelis who did an excellent job on the

screenings: Tue Jan. 31 (premiere, @ Kort Rotterdams) and as part of the
‘Rotterdam Perspective’ programme Wed Feb 1 ánd Fri Feb. 3

Roodkapjes’ R EJECT – festival takes place in the old ‘Ter Meulen’ building on
the Binnenwegplein (the square with the big Bram Ladage Pepsi can on it).
Yesterday I walked by there, pretty much by accident and recognized the guy
at the door who let me walk in for a moment to see what it looked like out
there. Well, in short: it looks pretty fucking cool. The architectural design of
that classical Ter Meulen staircase combined with the complete absence of
light, except from two video beamers beaming the exact same images right
next to each other is ace! Also, they’re supposed to serve an excellent dinner
for a fairly small amount of money, there’s DJ’s and bands playing there every
night, plus the entrance fee is only two and a half euros, offering over three
hours of the best and worst of the international video junk scene.

Tonite is a ‘North Korea theme night’… Might just catch us there.


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    3. Frans Vogel: Te Gek Moment 1 feb in Lantaren.
    4. Frans Vogel: Te Gek Moment 5 feb op TV Rijnmond

  2. Gyz La Riviere
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    If Oswald shot Kennedy, what was his motive?
    Eelko Ferwerda knows it all…

    The truth is out here, in Rotterdam…

  3. niels
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    toch jammer dat ze met zo’n poster geen website hebben. ik wil niet zuur doen… of kan ik niet googlen?

  4. Gyz La Riviere
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