I can’t believe I never post something about Matt Hensley earlier. Cause this
guy was and still is so influential to me. In my teens he was my hero! Dude,
this guy showed us how to street skate, so gifted and creative, and we all
loved him. In 1988 the H-street Shackle Me Not video came out, and after I
saw that video (especially Matt’s part) back then you couldn’t sit in your chair
any longer. For the first time in my life I experienced energy that came out of
the TV-tube. Then a year later the prophecy came in the H-street Hokus Pokus
. Matt showed off like hell. I think I’ve seen this video more then a thousand
times. Gotta get my left knee fixed, need that damn surgery. Gotta Skate!
Supersonic Skatecamp!

Check out Matt!

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