heel krisis


Yesterday Dutch ex minister of governmental renewal Alexander Pechtold
(of the democratic D’66 party) started an early campaign for the upcoming
elections which will be held probably some time around march 2007.

So, the Dutch government ‘fell’ yesterday over some real bogus reason. I
won’t go into the details (if you’re a dutch reader you might be able to find
some information right here) but I guess all of you that saw NOVA know
that mrs. van der Laan talks quite a lot when she sleeps too little, claiming
Pechtolds’ hands are no longer bound when it comes to ‘reciting from the
refound/renewed party program’.

On the other hand, Minister Verdonk should have walked when she was
asked to do so, but I guess everyone knew the VVD wasn’t going to let
their prize winning cash cow go, certainly not to start a party of her own
with other geeks running around on the old fashioned (as all hard lines
are old fashioned) right wing of the political Netherlands.

Anyway, this 1975 prog-pop album by supertramp popped into mind. This
post’s for you and your party, Lousewies. Big up, anyway!

PS. Of course my own special sweetheart, Femke Halsema (1966) made
another stunning appearance on NOVA. She probably needs no sleep as
she was as sharp and energetic and stunningly handsome as always. I
can’t wait for the next elections. Voting for her always kind of feels like
she’s saying ‘hi’ to you.


  1. Anonymous
    Posted July 6, 2006 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    maar het was wel mooi om te zien hoe Lousewies haar oogleden om de 5 seconden naar beneden poogden te zakken, geef dat toe

  2. leon.
    Posted July 6, 2006 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    Ik hoop voor je dat je gisterenavond/nacht nog even Velvet Revolver hebt gezien. Wat een goden. Wat een show. Ik wist ook helemaal niet dat er op de versterkers playmates-achtige labels/merken zitten. Wat een helden. YES JONGENS.