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Today I payed a visit to the library to find me some research material for various
designs I’m doing right now. While strolling through the art department I came
across this book called ‘THE ENGLISH DREAMERS — a collection of pre-
raphaelite paintings’. While Sigmund Freud was busy working overtime on the
true meaning of what happens to our unconsciousness while sleeping, English
painters were painting surrealistic paintings long before anyone had heard of Dali,
Magritte or Max Ernst. These chaps were smearing dreamy chunks of oil on
canvasses that look a lot like illustrations to grands récits, but secretly they are
artists’ dreams merely covered up as such.

Or as Rowland Elzea, writer of the books’ prologue puts it:
‘The dreamer feels as disengaged as a person watching a film. He is a spectator
to his own mind. In looking at the pictures in this book, one has the feeling that
one is seeing a “still” from the cinematic dream-world of a man living in late
Victorian times. The reference to a dramatic production is not accidental. The
feeling is that the still is taken from the few seconds of film just preceeding the
cataclysmic denouement of the episode—the vortex from which, once entered,
there is no return.’

The English Dreamers
Edited by David Larkin
©1975, Bantam Books, Inc.

‘The Wounded Cavalier’
William Shakespeare Burton (1824 – 1916)

PS. I’ll be postin’ something on my five minute ‘presentation’ of ‘What it is I’m
Doing Momentarily’ at the REMF Creative Centre (situated in The Hilton Hotel)
soon! Expect the impossible.