ik REMF alleen voor elektroniese festivals

earlier I wrote something about me doing a presentation at the REMF creative
center at the Hilton Hotel this Friday. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately I
swapped places with someone who really couldn’t make it this friday, so now
I’m doing that thing next Saturday instead.

Besides pictures of work and an interesting little lecture, Jeroen Rozendaal
and myself prepared something electronic to bug out to.

All presentations are between 4.30 and 5.30 (p.m.), so if you’re curious about
my latest ongoings, feel free to hop by and say hi. I’ll also be bringin’ the
HuMobisten best-seller ‘An Expensive Joke — early HuMobisten Years’ and
see if I can sell some more copies of the book you simply can’t allow yourself
to not have.

More information here.

(Have a nice one!)