In Gyzeling


Last weekend I was in Amsterdamme. On Friday in Amsterdam I have been
reading the NRC Handelsblad (which is an amalgamation (fusion) between a
Rotterdam and an Amsterdam newspaper)) and the HuMobisten had a review
in it about our show. But the reason why I went was to catch up with my
favourite girlfriend Willemijn. I met her in 1992, when the whole Fret Click crew
was always hangin out at the RAI. The RAI was the Embarcadero of the Netherlands.
But times and people change through the waves of time. But thank goodness
that Willemijn and me always keep in touch. I really had a Talk Talk weekend,
you know. People now and then need those weekends full of words and thoughts.
A good friend of Willemijn, Neeltje van Gorp (who also was at the RAI during
those lovely Melkweg and Korsakoff danceable years) is very ill. I kind off lost
contact with Neeltje van Gorp years ago. Last time I’ve seen here was somewhere
in a squatter building with my mysterious friend ‘++++’ some years ago. But it
really touches me that Neeltje van Gorp has a brain tumour and doesn’t have
much more time left. When you get older you’ll see much more fallen angels. I
mean, just a few months ago there was another bizarre drama. It’s the totally
weird story of Naomi Verheul, who got shot in a bar in Rotterdam at the age of
26. I went to the funeral with Maurice who dated her 3 years long. It’s weird that
through my whole life so many people around me have died. This makes me a
little bit paranoid now and then. Life is so short, so you better embrace it. I feel
that the Force is bringing me (again) to forfill a new task. I know Obi Wan Kenobi
is always right. You should try to find him aswell, it helps… It brought me (first of
all) to my old teacher Peter Jeroense and my friend Parra, and besides that the
Force gave me a nice weekend at the Sonic Acts XI – The Anthology of Computer
Art festival where I’ve seen some really funny performances. I know from upcoming
March my real task will arrive, cause Obi told me…

photo: hangin out with Willemijn

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  1. Posted March 1, 2006 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Was nice hanging out with you in the train after such strange kind of holidayweekend. And the nice thing about going to Amsterdam REALLY is: coming back to Rotterdam……thanks for the nice talk and sharing the same windowview…NJOY E