It’s 2006 boyyeeee!


This whole month is a very busy month for me. First of all I moved out of the
HuMobisten office. Now I have my office at home for a while, cause I think it’s
time for a change, and I am convinced that this new area which will be born out
of this step will do (on the long) term our HuMobisten collaboration really good.
Meanwhile we are very busy with the finishing touch of our bookie. We will have
our book presentation (and the start of our exhibition show) about the HuMobisten
early years 2000-2005 upcoming month on february 17th, so put that in your
Filofax. The next day on the 18th I have a premier. It’s a theatre play and it’s
called Milarepa. Geert Mul, Gideon Kiers and me are doing the video. It’s going
to be a very technical thing with a Wheel of Fortune kinda screen. Well, I am not
telling you all the details, but as you can see on the picture above, that I have
been playing with the blocks a lot in the last 2 weeks…

Big news about the boys:
Now you can buy the book Match Maker by Geert Mul. It’s a must have if you’re
an image freak and for all you anthropology lovers.
And the short film Crosslinx by Telco Systems is nominated for the Tiger Awards
Competition for short film at the IFFR. Big shout outs to Gideon and Lucas!