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I forgot to tell you all that I went to see Match Point, the new Woody Allen film.
It’s ok… it’ isn’t great. It’s not even ‘pretty good’. Ok, it’s way too long, that guy
who’s coach in Bend it like Beckham isn’t exactly the best actor of his generation
(not that he’s bad or anything…), there aren’t enough really funny jokes, the
story’s a bit thin and still Woody’s getting credit for it like he’s made a new Annie
Hall or a new Manhattan (I always liked Interiors best of his ‘non-comedic’ work).
Since it’s set in London it feels kind of fresh, and it probably is, but Match Point
just didn’t work for me. The main themes: luck, love, lust and morality could
easily have been less ‘HELLO-HOO!!!’. I don’t know, maybe Woody’s losing his
edge after all.

* This guy Matthew Goode who plays Tom is pretty great.
* all clothing, locations and hairstyles look ace.

Uppest side:
* Who isn’t at all losing her edge is the main reason you should buy this film on
DVD for. Scarlett ‘I want you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night munchies’
Johansson. Check out that fan-flog right here.


  1. eelko
    Posted January 30, 2006 at 10:09 pm | Permalink


    Matchpoint..? The island…?….The girl with the pearl earring…?

    not for me…i’am still lost in transalation….

  2. max
    Posted February 12, 2006 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

    i think woody lost his edge a long time ago.