kill the painter, cause it’s printed that matters


This last week I’ve been painting like hell! When you’re on the move to a new
home, it’s good to paint it first, as you can see on my outfit above, laughter…
Now I am packing my stuff, and boyeee oh boyeee I’ve got so many stuff.
I will be so happy when this is all behind me.. Cause then I am ready to work
again. You got to take care of business, you know…

Speaking of business, our book ‘Een Dure Grap’ [An Expensive Joke] early
HuMobisten years (2000-2005) is for sale at the following shops:

Sim-Central – Witte de Withstraat 13 –
MOOSE shop – Haringvliet 619 –
Donner – Lijnbaan 150 –
Nederlands Architectuur Instituut – Museumpark 25 – tel: 010-4401200
Willem De Kooning Academy Gallery Blaak10 – Witte de Withstraat 7a –
Voorheen Van Gennep – Oude Binnenweg 131-b – tel: 010-4330592
De Kunstsuper – Grote Visserijstraat 7B – tel: 010-2430816

90SQM – Levantplein 52 –
Athenaeum – Spui 14-16 –
Galerie Artspace Witzenhausen – Hazenstraat 60 –

Den Haag
TAG – Stille Veerkade 19 – tel: 070-3468500

Blend Store – Willemsplein 46 –

(More shops to be confirmed soon!)