Next thursday, 8th of June MOOSE and Off_Corso present an evening of film
around the exhibition ‘Ugly Winners’ at MOOSE, a sideshow of the Beautiful
Losers program in Lille/Liege. Films that are shown are ‘How They Get There’
(Mark Gonzales & Spike Jonze), ‘Deformer’ (Mike Mills), ‘Skating with Dave
and Jared’ (Mike Mills), ‘Amarillo By Morning’ (Spike Jonze) and the feature
film ‘Downtown 81’, starring Jean Michel Basquiat!!! (which is supposed to
‘vividly depict the explosive downtown New York art and music scene of

Afterwards DJ Salinger (me) in the foyer, ’depicting’ the New York art and
music scene of 1980-81 audio-wise. Programme: From 8.30 til 1.00