‘Leprikorn Eiland zit duidelijk in de lift’


I guess we already mentioned Johan Kleinjan before on this website. But one
can’t speak of him quite enoug. Johan is a Rotterdam based illustrator slash
artist and a member of the bloodbrother type illustration slash art riot called
Antistrot. Johan is only one of ’em, the others have illustruous nicks such
as (de) Daab$ (AKA Anton Wiersma), Bruno X (pronounced as ‘IKS’) or De
Hoofdaap. Johan I guess came up with a lot of their own specific language
(both words and grammar) of which I can only hope you’ll ever hear some
of it live and wonder for days what it was he was actually telling you or
someone near you. He’s also the one to best resemble a leprichaun on the
picture displayed above here. I hope ‘Leprikorn Eiland’ is a band consisting
of all the characters in the elevator there. But it probably is a private joke
of which we (the simple folk) will never know the ins and outs.

On his personal fotolog Johan kind of offers sneak peaks into his private domain,
which are usually pretty comic and even more often ultra surreal. Be sure to
tune in at least once a week to catch glimpses of invited Kens going mad,
Yvonne’s new outrageous costumes, the antistrot guys hangin’ out bored and
making faces to the camera, drawings in the making and pictures of planned
and unplanned performances…