mi ta stima Jermain


Last week I saw Clement in the middle of the night, after I haven’t seen him for years, with his whole mouth full of gold, long leather coat and all, he looked sharp. It looks life is going well for him, which makes me quite happy. I asked him if he’s still in touch with Jermain, but he said no, man… I didn’t have contact with him for years as well.

Jermain, Clement, Linda and me shared a house at the Aelbrechtskade in 1995 and 1996. All of us went through really bizarre weird things. We saw the dark side of the moon out there. The building where we lived ain’t there no more. It’s good that the government torned it down, cause black magic came into that
house, dude… Scary shit…

After that period Jermain and I got on hold a bit. Finally he left us all, and he’s out there somewhere in the Dutch Antilles. He came back for a while after Mike
died, but not for long, cause he went on the road again, and all of my friends, including me, lost contact with him. All his email accounts doesn’t work and all that. I think he lives like a monk (or solitary person). I know that Jermain is a huge thinker. I remember the late night chats I had with him, including Clement and Mike de Geus, mostly about conspiracy, religion, skateboarding, black and white power, rap, punk, science fiction, philosophy and last but not least the great lie we live in. Ofcourse this is kind of normal when you go from your teens to your early twenties. But it got a bit out of hand, I saw everybody slipping away in paranoia in my opinion. Sometimes you gotta move on, like I did, like follow the path of Obi, which not everybody can understand at that/or all the time. But to save yourself, you save others on the long term, or at least something like that.

But last week after seeing Clement I searched for Jermain (with Robert Rosenau) on the net and we found a book of his hand, which makes me damn proud. It’s gotta be a book of him, it would be a too great coincidence that there are two Jermain Ostianas out there. I feel it’s his force, and I would love to read it. He was always busy with lyrics from the day I met him. I think we were both 13 then, goshhh, time flies… I am so happy that he found the patience to do this book. I know he went through really tough shit. Jermain, if you read this post, send me an email, I know you have been to this blog once. Love to have a talk with you, silhouette. And I hope you wrote this, and I love the tree, man…

To finish my post, I just saw V for Vendetta, a kind of blend from 1984 and Batman: a fascist government, which I really liked and reminded me of the time I shared with Jermain on the Aelbrechtskade which shaped me to an adult. All that information from talks and loads of shit that happened back then made me see behind the wall of Pink Floyd… V for Vendetta is from the creators of The Matrix Trilogy. The Matrix is about what’s real or not, and brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘paranoia’. Which also reminds me to the Aelbrechtskade period and the invoice after. The Matrix contains numerous references to philosophical and religious ideas. Like the character Neo comes from the Greek word meaning ‘new’, and is an anagram of ‘One’. And that’s a nice end of this post, what ever happens between friends who try to grow up, we always stay ‘one’. The Fret Click never dies, and that’s that!