’n goed begin


This guy here’s called ‘Hitmeister D’, at least when he’s spinning records that is.
Him and me go back a long way. Since high school, actually. Of those wonder
years what I remember best is that we used to go to his room, didn’t drink or
use any kinds of drugs, but just played guitars ’n drums and our Jimi Hendrix
tapes (who was our most favourite artist of all times, especially ‘Burning of
the Midnight Lamp’, ‘Spanish Castle Magic’ and ‘Manic Depression’ were our
alltime favourite hits) and talk about ‘problems’, chicks and other kinds of horror.
Come to think of it, life hasn’t really changed much, except that we can afford
bottles of wine now and we don’t usually hang out in the daytime anymore.

Anyway, as a DJ he’s doing pretty well. That’s why he decided he needed a
website. To keep his fans informed on his business and such, I guess. Well, we
all need websites nowadays. I myself can’t imagine living without one, actually.
So my friend D asked me to design this site for him and he aksed his buddy
Wink (who also attended the same high school as D and myself, only some
years later) to try and sort my wacky ideas and dito illustrator stuff out and
make a running site from it. That worked out just swell. Behold!


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    Long, long time ago…
    I can still remember..