networking, working, working day and nite!


In The Netherlands there’s a TV channel that advertises their new films in a
sort of ‘never mind the old stuff, we’ve got all the latest films’ way. To me,
being somewhat of a novice buff, that’s pretty dreadful. It isn’t just the channel,
it’s people actually talking this bull and prefer seeing three year old movies over
Citizen Kane, The Sting, Guns of the Navarone or even Bonnie and Clyde ’cause
they are old and probably slow and boring.

If you’re a regular fan of the latest indie film stuff (you know just what I mean),
but for some reason you just haven’t seen any classic movies yet. Maybe you
are scared they tend to be a little boring, or you just don’t know where to begin,
here’s me telling you to go out and get yourself a copy of Network, the 1976
Sidney Lumet (a.o. Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon) allegorical masterpiece to change
your views on all that’s old ’n dusty. Find out how regular life and life according
to media once became one, never to be seperated again in this well written,
beautifully frightening actorflick, starring Peter Finch, Bobby Duval and a very,
very foxy (academy award winning) Faye Dunaway. Please see this and let it
be the first in a long line of Little Big Men, French Connections or Casablancas.

On other news: there was some talk of me becoming the new ‘Concept
Development’ teacher for the graphic design freshment year at the Willem
De Kooning Arts Academy in Rotterdam. Alas, It wasn’t so. What is so, is that
I am going to be teaching Concept Development these next four weeks (until
the regular teacher returns from something) on thursday afternoons and
instead of the freshments, I’ll be teaching the second graders. Way to go!
So, wish me luck on that and I’ll be telling you something about that period
in my life soon… maybe.