not so good, Al!


Leon sent me this photo of him and me today, which kind of led to me writing
a post on stuff I totally forgot about, but wanted to tell you all about anyway.

Leon obviously is the guy on the left, he’s quite a character but I can’t say too
much about him, for he’ll definately use it against me in whatever situation.
This picture was taken by Anton Corbijn(!!!) during the Motel Mozaique Festival
last month, which was just plain awesome. On the first of the two days I saw
Adam Green perform at the 3voor12 stage in Tent., ate roti at Rose Marie’s w/
-among others- my friend Danielle who had just flown in from New York, where
she lives and works as a photographer (she made a great series on Tom Verlaine
for Wire Magazine, maybe you’ve seen that!). Anyway after dinner we saw
Battles kicking ass, then John Buysman as Cor Vaan in the theatre play ‘public
Animal’ (GREAT!!!) and if that wasn’t enough we smoked one and bugged out
to the sound and disturbingly ‘skeg’ visuals of Black Dice. We danced some to
the beats of the Idjut Boys and went home. The day after I came VERY late
and only just saw the Cardigans, who were excellent (and a breath of fresh air
in a way) and not much later it was time for dancin’. Thank God our very own
David Vunk was invited as well, cause he and I-F (Ferenc) (but especially my
man David V!!!) turned the Nighttown main hall upside down. In the basement
Lindsey (Negroclash) introduced me to 1999’s Detroit-esque house classic:
‘Deep Burnt’ by Pepe Braddock, which apparantly revolves around this tiny
string sample of a Freddie Hubbard tune called ‘little sunflower’. (I’m downin’
that thing as we speak.) I felt so happy with that Deep Burnt thing and with
the fact my neighbours (my neighbours are a record shop) were there on the
same dancefloor to tell me that it was in fact ‘Pepe Braddock’ that we were
clingin’ on to. That conversation went a little like this:
Me: ‘Who is this?!!??!’
Frank: ‘Pepe Braddock!!!!’
Me again: ‘PEPPER BRADDOCK?!!??!?!!?’
Frank: ‘Yeah!!’
Me (thinking): ‘I’d best put that in my outbox messages somewhere…’
I wasn’t able to download that thing anywere and the 12″ is long gone, but
fortunately my friend (Hitmeister) D. had it somewhere in his old stash and
didn’t really mind givin’ it to me. After all, I did make him a hell of a nice
Queensday shirt to give away to his numerous fans and the best business is
the trading kind of business, isn’t it?


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