So, last saturday in Holland we celebrated the birthday of our Queen’s mom,
or is it her grandmother (I really wouldn’t know) a day early. Because of it
being a sunday on the regularly scheduled Queensday, God or Retail took care
of business and made sure this year Queensday (a day one half of the Dutch
population sell their junk on the street as the other half’s buying it) happened
on a saturday.
I bought me an excellent book on friendship, a framed picture of two goblins
catching butterflies, a book on Wave Surfing and the Matthäus Passion (St.
Matthew Passion) for almost nothing. Then I went to see Der Versucher jam
with the Ragtime Wranglers, a sort of western swing, cowboy.. blues… thing.
Anyway, as no one shakes maracas like Proberen, you can probably imagine
why I, immediately after his performance, went off escaping the largest
drunken crowd I’d seen in a while and finally see Brokeback Mountain (or
‘Berg van het Gebroken Kontje’, as our friend Proberen often calls it…).
Anyway, I thought it was even better than Capote (which I saw last monday),
which was nice and also left me speechless as the ending titles rolled over
the screen, but which also seemed to miss something. Or maybe I just
thought it was a bit too much here and there. I dunno… maybe I’m just sort
of too much myself lately.
That jazz on my paper work piling up to the ceiling I told you kids about some
time ago seems to be cleened up, or at least it’s in progress. I promissed y’all
I’d get back at that sooner or later. Well, here it is. Hard work, and pulling a
sharp focus actually helped. Surprise!?!

If you sometimes wonder ‘Who in hell makes those excellent drawings on the
Off the Road Show flyers?’, check out a ‘recently freshed up and pretty tidy’
website hosting the incomparable drawings and dreamy universe of miss Yke
Schotten, also nominated ‘best smiler in the world’.

Oh, and here’s the new I-WANT-A-MAC! commercials: ‘sounds like hours of
fun…’. Life is good when you’re a Mac Nerd!

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  1. Eline
    Posted May 4, 2006 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    Wow… als het niet zo warm was buiten zou ik hem de hele dag kijken.