Sonny & Rico Strike Again


Above, obviously, that’s me. The year is 1984/1985… I’m not sure. Anyway,
since there’s a Ghostbusters poster up there on the wall it must 1984 or after.
I remember that poster came free with a couple of bottles of Coke. There was
a Coca Cola logo on the poster as well (which merely made the poster even
better than it already was.) I remember diggin’ Coca Cola just as much as I
dug that incredibly funny movie, starring the incredibly funny Bill Murray.
In 1984, life just… well… started to get ‘pretty cool’.

What also started in 1984 was Tubbs and Crockett racing around their nifty
wagons, freeing Miami from (usually) hispanic thugs. My birthday buddy
‘De Baron, Heili Proberi, Marcel Alexander Wiebenga I, King of the Bongos’
whose birthday is today (there you go, bud!) reminded me of the fact that
Miles Davis once was a pimp in a MV episode. (can TV get any better!?).
Anyway, I was 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 when I watched Miami Vice. I never
cared much about the plot or how Don and Philip Michael nailed crooks. It
was more about their looks, their weird italian, american gigolo-like outfits,
the overall interior design, the classic soundtrack, the way pastels look in
bright sunlight, the existential beauty of neon in a very dark blue, windy,
palm tree covered city… I guess ‘styling’ is the word I’m looking for here.
It really worked like a charm.

Me and my brother went to see Michael Mann’s recent update, the other day.
It fucking rocks! The styling’s still ace (but we already knew that from ‘Heat’),
Tubbs and Crockett have cell phones now, but for the rest: they drive fast
cars, date fast women, dance some in Havana, fly planes, pop tricks and
talk like no one talks. I haven’t seen ’em use sentences consisting of five
words or over. Now, say what you want, but that’s suave! Big ups for Colin
Farrell, he’s about as B.A.D. as the Don, which must be tough, even for him.
If I even imagine someone giving me a stache and a hairstyle like that and
then told me to act cool, I’d tell ’em to go to hell.

In the picture of me as a youth, there’s a book on the shelf there called ‘Lees
Je Knetter!’. I hadn’t thought of that book since about that time. I must have
thrown it away or sold it at some flee market or so. Also, evidently there on
the bed’s a copy of ‘de reuzenperzik’ (James and the Giant Peach). Life truly
was great, back then: I got to be a kid and at the same time be interested in
grown up stuff, like watching Miami Vice and Sigourney Weaver!