the greatest day I’ve ever known


Tomorrow and Sunday’s the final practice days for a new Rotjong piece called
‘Vandaag en vandaag’, a play concisting of of four dialogues mainly about
Relationships, Trust and Growing up. No wonder they asked me to write a
score for the play, since I seem to find them three themes pretty interesting.

The mighty Jeroen S. Rozendaal, Vincent van Duin, Milena van den Berg and
myself will be performing the score LIVE, on (mainly) two guitars and a cello.
I’ll be banging on the piano some. For all of you that wish to bang pianos as
well, if you’re a Rotterdam library pass holder there’s a couple of piano
rehearsal spaces on the sixth floor you can use for exactly one hour a day.

This might also be a nice occasion to mention that those three swell musicians
truly helped me out a lot putting the pieces together and come up with a decent
soundtrack. Thank you.

other credits:
The dialogues are written by Maarten Bakker, Amar El-Ajjouri, Enver Husicic
and Anna van der Kruis, the costumes are made by Sara Hakkenberg and
the lot’s being directed by the particularly open minded Marielle van de Griendt.

Friday may 12th / 20.30 !!! Saturday may 13th / 20.30 !!!
Sunday may 14th / 20.30 !!! Monday may 15th / 17.00 AND 20.30 !!!

8 euros / CJP-holders: 5 euros

ROTJONG website:
right here, daddy-o