various projects


Last June I finished my newest compilation video, with a selection of works from
the late 90’s untill now. I think it’s fresh. About 18 minutes of high speed material.

I put it online in 4 parts, otherwise it’s too long for streaming, I guess.
Hopefully you like it. And you need Quicktime to watch it.

Part one starts off with the installations ‘Das ist ein Hund’ and ‘This is the Flow’,
both works were at de Vleeshal.

From there we go to part two ‘2 Many Projects’, showing you my highlights of my
VJ career (from Kiev to Sofia and from ArenA to Ahoy) and many other crazy
stuff I did with video (Many thanks to: GZA software).

Then part three which shows the video-decoration for ‘Milarepa’, the installation
‘de nieuwe kruiskade’ (a slow-art thing), the ‘Meet the Maestro’ trailer and the
‘Hard Pop’ book.

Ending with part four, a HuMobisten intro which leads to the ‘ART IS ARROGANT
AND WE LIKE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY’ statement, 1 TV sketch of ‘Tombrecht & de
vogel’ and finishing with the ‘Parting’ performance. And after that a very long list
of thank yous… Cause damn, all those works were possible by the help of so
many peeps, gotta thank them all, you know…