Well, are you?


Some months ago my friend Meinhard (some people know him by his alias
Gonzales Ballos de Pina) and me did the design for the new Feverdream
album entitled ‘You Are Happen!ng’. Gonzales also was an intern here at the
HuMobisten HQ some time ago. But still it turned out quite alright. Apparently
it just came back from the printers and looks pretty neat. It sounds pretty
neat as well, but you can judge that for yourself as you’re probably being
persuaded to buy that mother at this upcoming releaseparty next friday at
WaterFront. At least Nanette Lindeman, who decided playtime only just began
and started her own fashion label, thinks the artwork looks ace! Well, thanks.

Except for the feverdreamers themselves, the hands will play (feverdream songs),
We Vs. Death will play, the new video will play and there’s a Daniel Baggerman
picture show. Daniel Baggerman’s the guy that has taken pictures of, amongst
many others, feverdream since he was born or so it seems. He’s also the guy
responsible for ALL pictures in the cd booklet.

‘Ok, ok… that’s all pretty nice ’n good, but you gotta give us some more, Rufio!’
Well, say no more. The At Denko’s soundsystem is back in business in a one
time reunion show that same very night! Find out how their vibe has changed
over the years! Will they still play some of the most undanceable crap around?!?
Will it be Zappa Galore, like back in the days or have they conformed to a more
tranquil, commercially responsible way of getting parties started?!?! Find out
next friday at the Feverdream release party, WaterFront Rotterdam.