where William came from!


‘What inspires you?’ A question I don’t know the answer to when asked, but
when not asked I suddenly do know what inspires me. Human beings, their
weird behaviour and their spells. That’s one. The Beatles as a religion, that’s
two. Art and artists, there’s three. Girls and women, four. Love and God, five.
Strong significant forms causing beauty and ugliness make six. Language and
reason, seven. All that cannot be (fantasy, dreams, altered states, etcetera),
eight. Fun (practical jokes, poop and sarcasm) on nine and a definitive ten is:
Transformable Identity of Individuals. (what we make of ourselves and why
we change into someone else or someone new every now and then.)

Aliasses are a funny part of this last named inspiration. For instance, y’all know
Andre Romel Young. Some of you know Dennis Coles (who some think made
this years’ best album yet). If you’re into kissing in a teepee you’re probably
familiar with the vocal stylings of Jonathan Davis. And when you like it better
before you cook it, you want to know more of the work of one Russell Tyrone
Jones. Find out whudat are here.