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Pommes Frieden


Pommes Frieden
HuMobisten, 2007

photo: Niels Post

Toon uit het tonen toon

Word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend
word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend

You’d beter levend in liefde dan luxe, het bent in orde
En uit zo dinerend niet op dwaze dromen elke nacht
Het neemt slechts een ogenblik in orde te voelen

Word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend
word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend

Wij kunnen ons veroorloven niet om diamant en parel te dragen, die o.k.
niet hoe dan ook dat soort meisje zou willen zijn
I neemt slechts een ogenblik in orde te voelen

Word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend
word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend

Ik kan u leveren dingen ik alles kan verstrekken
Als het de man’s hand is die de prijs betaalt
dan behoort u tot me

Kan me veroorloven niet om fijnere dingen te kopen die in orde
wont wij verliezen onze hoofden voor om het even wat, op om het even welk ogenblik
I neemt slechts een ogenblik in orde te voelen

Word in het weekend vers, uit tonend, uit tonend

the festival scene is beautiful, man…


Just like last year, HuMobisten made the IFFR (International Film Festival Roffa)
educational side project design. It’s called Meat The Maestro. This year you’re
going to meet Gus Van Sant (who might just be attending this years’ festival!!!).
That would be something. Gyz and me are big fans. I remember seeing ‘My
Own Private Idaho’ in the early nintees in the Melkweg Cinema and ‘Even Cow-
girls get the Blues’ around the same time in the ‘Filmhuis Delft’. It was then that
I first saw miss Uma Thurman. I was in love with these films immediately. Later
I rented Drugstore Cowboy (starring Bill Burroughs as a priest on smack, if I
remember correctly) and much later Last Days and Gerry. I haven’t seen
Elephant yet. I don’t know, it’s just sitting there in my house, staring at me,
saying ‘ahhhh… you don’t want to see me… yet!’. I don’t know why DVDs do
that, but they do. I remember when I saw ‘To Die For’ (at Venster) it was maybe
one of the first times in my life that I thought ‘I know this stuff from my own
life and I must remember to never act the same in a situation like so and so…’,
in other words, it may have been the first time I had seen a film about some
drama that had occured to me once, even BEFORE I had seen the movie. The
same thing happened with Good Will Hunting in a way. So, in retrospect, either
Gus Van Sant was studying my life secretly and from a distance, or I was
actually not just having a life, I was living one. That’s always a nice thing to
recognize I guess.

Anyway, besides Gus Van Sant there’s tons of great films one obviously can’t
see anywhere else just yet. I already got tickets to go see the Zidane film, the
Daft Punk film and the Rotterdam Shorts, but I guess that’s about it for me. I
don’t know but it seems harder for me to go see films ’round the end of january
every year. It doesn’t trouble me so much, though. I’ll see the lot of ’em
throughout the rest of the year. I guess I just spend too much on trying to
booze the early darkness off. We’re officially a month and four days past the
shortest day in the year by the way. Things are starting to look slightly
frolicsome even.

bar dancing Nikola Tesla


saturday, february 17th, 2007
22:30 – 04:00
tickets: 8 euros

Achterhaven 148
3024 RC Rotterdam

Be there dude!
Download invitation
More info?


exploderend onvermijdelijk plastiek


Before you forget, TOMORROW we present our new work, entitled ‘Pommes
Frieden’ in het Putje van Den Haag at the infamous Atelier Als Supermedium.
Click the double outlined square on the left here at ‘GO SEE!’, if you got real
curious about that one.

Then, next Saturday… it’s fun time in Rotterdam again. If you want to go see
Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager live on stage, you shouldn’t miss out on the
national premiere of John Buijsman’s Public Animal. I already saw a sort of
preshow on last years’ Motel Mozaique Festival and believe me, it’s just
amazing. Buijsman obviously is a big fan and underlines Vaan’s genius and
creative ability to get lost in a world of modernist fairytales and plain hilarious
ideas. “Pijn, verdwijn!”

Or should I go and see Bart und Ernst, AC Berkheimer and Peter ‘Teps’ de
Koning at the Hele Gave Huiskameravond (#2). The first starts at 8, the
latter at 8.30. You just can’t have it all… Well, I guess I already made my
mind up. Maybe I’ll see you there!



coming soon: flyer’dam

Aangezien al jaren niemand meer om flyers heen kan, en er over alle verschijnselen
in onze Maasstad boeken verschijnen, is het de hoogste tijd om een boek te
wijden aan het fenomeen ‘de Rotterdamse flyer’.

flyer’dam gaat over de opkomst van house, acid, gabber, illegale feesten, r&b,
maar ook tekno, drum ‘n’ bass, mtc party’s, hip-hop, breakbeatz, de alternatieve
sector, easy tune, art pop feestjes en het nieuwe clubben. Daarnaast zullen ook
uitstapjes naar het ‘oude’ uitgaan niet ontbreken.

flyer’dam is een caleidoscopisch overzicht van de typische Rotterdamse flyercultuur
met flyers die Rotterdammers (en mensen van ver buiten de stadsgrenzen) aan
het feesten kregen. Het focus van het boek ligt op de periode van 1988 t/m nu,
een periode waarin de flyer uitgroeide tot een onmisbaar fenomeen binnen de
uitgaanscultuur. Alle stromingen van de jeugdcultuur en haar eigenheid in vormgeving
van de flyer worden zichtbaar in dit boek.

Meer info?

ps: Voor allen onder jullie die behoorlijk veel flyers hebben liggen m.b.t. Rotterdam,
en die e.v.t. in bruikleen wil lenen aan mij, neem a.u.b. contact met mij op!



AKA 47 asked me about my ‘lijstje’ (record list) for this year on another website
recently. It didn’t take me very long, I haven’t been paying attention too much
since there’s always those years you simply can’t play anything but thirty year
old (or older) records. 2006 was one of those years. Here’s ten I did buy,
download, listen to, or just like a lot:

1. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Tortoise – The Brave and the Bold
Though early in the year I haven’t forgotten about it and played it endlessly.
The album consists of only covers either Prince or the Tortoise fellas like
a lot, includes a great version of DEVOs ‘That’s Pep!’, an awful ‘Daniel’ (’06
also was the year I got into Elton John a lot… but that’s for another post)
and a heartbreaking version of The Boss’s ‘Thunder Road’.

2. Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
If you have this you know why, if you haven’t… well, buy it!

3. Surkin’s Frooty Mixes 1 & 2
Works for dancin’, works while workin’ / *****

4. Air – Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 5:55

5. Liars – Drum’s Not Dead
Sometimes it seems everyone is into quality music and the world’s playing
Coco Rosie like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know but that shit makes me
feel really nauseous and there’s only one cure: Drum’s not dead, baby!

6. Ghostface Killah – Fishscale
‘A Kilo is a thousand grams, it’s easy to remember’

7. Duvel Duvel – Dion en Duvel presenteren: Whisky op de Aperotz
On the legendary (download only) follow up to Aap-O-Theek, Duvel kind of
hints to why he didn’t want to have anything to do with ‘the scene’ anymore
‘Breek me de bek niet open, want het zit me tot hier met die papi’s die stoken.
Ze lopen te klieren, ’t is niet te geloven…’

8. The Magnetic Fields
Although they’re way old I just discovered them this year. ‘69 Love Songs’
are, well, 69 very introspective love songs that are so painfully personal that
they somehow become universal… Daar gaat het natuurlijk om!’

9. Yop – A Ltd. Lion Pup
This year I was introduced to a fellow named Jop Euwijk. I believe he’s also
the very core to a band of which I forgot the name, but fuck it… I never
heard that band, so what’s there to say about it. Anyway, he also recorded
a solo album named ‘A Ltd. Lion Pup’ (see the cover artwork above) that’s
just so unbelievably good. Well written, adventurous and unmistakably very
much influenced by the mighty Brian Wilson in both songwriting and weirdo
production techniques. Here’s a (pretty young) guy from Spijkenisse making
the album I write longest about in this years ‘lijstjes post’. Pretty bizarre, ey?
‘Where can I get my unworthy hands on a copy of this King-Arthur-and-The-
Nights-of-the-Round-Table-style legendary album’ thee asketh!?!? Just follow
this blue rabbit and click A Ltd. Lion Pup on the right.

10. Go see Amsterdam band Eva Braun live, they’re cute and good. A sort of
what ‘Safe As Milk’ would have sounded like when The Captain and the Magic
Band would have been born in 1965 Wormerveer. NRG!!!!!!!!!!!

Already a happy new year

Long time no hear! Lots has happened in the meantime though. A new year
has come (this one), I’ve been in Friesland (a northern, tranquil part of the
Netherlands) for a couple of days with some of my best friends, I saw a
presentation Gyz did on the pecha kucha night at Locus on his latest brilliant
thing called Jan Hart (I call it latest, but I’ve been hearing about this thing for
the last six years or so, so it’s not really new for me… However it’s becoming
realer and realer every day now, so… there!), my DVD ‘Homey Universalis’
is spreading through the country like it’s an oil stain (SOON ON YOUTUBE!!),
I finished the artwork for the new mono album called ‘Populism’ and think
it’s become pretty nice myself (to be released next march, more info on that
right here), AKA 47 and me started this new band called ‘Het Internet’, we did
our first show at De Buck’s slide-night and will be doing a DJ-set at the Sauna
release party february 2nd, so don’t you miss that. By the way, bookmark
or better yet, memorize our URL which you can find right here (soon on
myspace also!).

Last, there’s the HuMobisten being back on the block and presenting a WHOLE
NEW INSTALLATION at this space called ‘Atelier als Supermedium’ in Rijswijk
of all places, where they were invited to participate on the exhibition Nothing
more beyond
by ‘top-koerator’ Niels Post (not thát Niels Post, another Niels
Post – or in case you already thought it was the other Niels Post: ‘Yes! that one,
but there’s also another Niels Post and that’s this one.’). Other participants are:
Kim Engbers, Erosie, Marcha van der Hurk, Jeroen Jongeleen, Niels Post and
Helmut Smits. Florentijn Hofman took care of designing the interior of the bar
(which those of you who, like us, saw the recent exhibition ‘Champagnetherapie’
already had an opportunity to see). DJ’s are DJ Hitmachine and DJ Bravo, who
some of you might know as flogsters Jaqisoft and JK and who might or might
not (who knows these things?) have been inspired by the semi-legendary
HuMobisten performance ‘De Dubbele Booking’. Anyway, dressing up and
‘not knowing exactly how to spin’ seem to be connected big time, more than
we could have suspected back in the day anyway.

Anyway, if you want to come and see that (It’s thursday january 18, starting
at 8 (pm) and it’s ONE NITE ONLY!!), be smart and send an email here: That way you’ll get informed about the
shuttle busses going to-and-fro (if one can use that expression like so) The
Hague and Rotterdam.

If, however, you’re just not going to make that one special night, we have a
surprise for you, because the HuMobisten are also going to show the same
‘piece’ they’re showing in Rijswijk in The Hague at exhibition space Baracca
(more info on that as soon as the flyer’s done!) during this event called De
Haagse Rondgang
. Mind you that The HuMobisten shall also be playing their
records that night. Yes, jongens!

Loads of links there, but the best one might still be here.



in coop with Geert Mul
groupshow: ‘in de ban van Herman Brood’
Tschumipaviljoen (Hereplein), Groningen
December 16th 2006 – January 23rd 2007

You can still check this videoinstallation untill the 23rd of this month in
good old Groningen.

The Rotterdam based artists Geert Mul and Gyz La Rivière develop a
contemporary video presentation using archive material of Groningen,
which will be shown at the Tschumipaviljoen on the Hereplein in Groningen
until the 23rd of this month. Via surround sound the audience around the
‘paviljoen’ can follow the performance with music of Herman Brood.

Check installation video over here!
More info?