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In my research for the upcoming book flyer’dam I bump into a lot of stuff.
Like the New Pop Festival for example in the same Zuiderpark where later the
Metropolis festival was/is held. Check out the Ramones live on the Polygoon! (1980)

I am getting more and more flyers and loads of interesting people to meet.
I am very happy about that. Damn, this book can be 2000 pages, for real!

Today’s METRO


Damn, what a party!

Chez Maria


Check out my mothers shop ‘Chez Maria’ at the Pijnackerplein 6b in Rotterdam, Northside! It’s a shop for everybody, hihi…

Open: Thursday – Saturday, 12:00 – 17:00 hours

Oh Yeah, I did the window logo, hehe…



Thomas Säckl and me, Berlin, 2001
photo: Rufus Ketting

Before Urban became Urban


In the last weeks Fleur Kolk and me visited a lot of people to get their flyers for
our upcoming book ‘flyer’dam’. So today I’ve got thousands of Rotterdam flyers
in my atelier-space (see here some nice ones), and by getting them from a lot
of people round town, you end up in a lot of, O yeahs, That was great!, remember
this?, Goshh then I was Fucked Up!, an on and on.. It feels like ‘They Reminisce
Over You’ with Pete Rock & CL Smooth, you know.. A lot of beautiful flyers have
crossed my eye, for real, and you end up with a lot of stuff you haven’t seen for
a long time. Like this article above in the Rotterdams Dagblad (1995) for example,
where you see Woei and me (left circle), Denny D (middle circle) and Jermain
(right circle). Damn… the four musketeers hanging out at the Urban Unit (where
I used to work back then), totally stoked to see this article back. I spoke about
Jermain in a previous post, and yes it’s his book, and I am mad proud! Urban,
Lifestyles, you know the talks, we popped this Erasmus-wize in ’96. Talking about
Musketeers, you got to read today’s Metro.

Thomas Holger Säckl


23-12-1958 – † 09-02-2007

‘Nichts ist dauernd als der Wechsel, Nichts beständig als der Tod’.
(Ludwig Börne)

Our dear friend Thomas has left us, he will be missed…

Anna Nicole Smith is still alive


I did this logo and the flyers/posters for monthly masterblaster Hip-Pop’ers at
Off_Corso. Tonight’s the second edition starring Civil, D.E.F., Rockid, Lucky Dubz,
Chally Cha’bana, Pappa DoellOØs, Seanie Sean and Monkey Crew. On mikes
there’s Mattie Mo, Perry Mystique and naturellement, Neerlands’ hoop in blanke
dagen, Bradda Bass. Make sure you’re there! Starts at eleven.

Before eleven I’ll be hosting the Willem de Kooning Academy’s Heldenavond,
that means tonight I’ll be discussing succesful living after graduation with Susan
and Amie Dicke. and afterwards there’s Lucky Dubz again (great minds think
alike, or as AKA 47 would put it “we’re all children of one father…”).

quite the discovery


This year I saw 7 short ones and three feature films at the annual Rotterdam
Film Festival. One of these three films was ‘Daft Punk’s Electroma’. I can’t say
that I’m an objective viewer here (Discovery being my alltime favourite album),
but I did not expect to see this incredibly sad, beautiful fairytale. The Daft Punks
did it again, everything that’s so great about their music is all there in the
picture, the sci-fi that explains about the ‘today’, life’s bittersweetness or the
fine line between fun and failure. Also, just as on their albums D.P. uses the
exact amount of exposure of cinematic notes/beats (props, scenery, mise en
scene, camera motion, dialogue (none, since two robots needn’t really talk to
one another)) it takes to tell their story. In the case of Daft Punk this is pretty
often wrongly called ‘minimalism’. I guess sometimes there simply isn’t any
more to see or hear, and one musn’t look out for extras but focus on what is
presented exactly to them instead. The beauty and the magic is already there,
it simply isn’t believed by an audience yet. Some artists can lift audiences up
to the level that they MUST believe everything they hear and see. This is how
they pursuade us, the humble witnesses, into their universe/truth. You can
shut your senses off and have a boring time or be spiritually challenged and
suddenly find yourself in a fairytale of two robots who struggle with their
inability to become human after all.