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Tonight I’ll be hosting the Heldenavond again at Lantaren/Venster. If you’re a
student at the WDK Academy, you’re in for free. Tonight I’ll be asking the already
legendary Habbekrats the wifebeaters from their bodies. Starts at 8.30. So See
you there, muchachos!

‘Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.’


De Mauritsbar is al een tijdje niet meer. Maar wat zou wie hiermee bedoelen?

My Life in Pictures


The last eight or nine years or so I didn’t really have a camera. But of course
now I do, as everyone who has a mobile phone (so, basically everyone)
practically also owns a camera. My nokia comes with the handy option of
either buying a memory card in order to keep more than the fifteen pictures
one is able to hold in phonestock due to a really small built in memory, or be
pretty much a curator-style photographer and judge every photo to be ‘better’
or ‘worse’ than the already sustained archive up to that point.

Me liking fun and games and disliking going out to a store and asking about
memory for phones naturally chose to become this curator style archivist. So
if you’re interested, these are their titles/explanations, left to right:

My new studio mate Cathelijne / A very weird poster in which a Martin Air
stewardess decides to go scuba diving immediately after leaving the plane /
113B at J. de Maats house / Bart Crowno / Lex van Merle at the Witte Aap /
At the Jumbo factory for the Marcel Luske Poker set / Chilling with Jeroen
Al Sabbagh / Eline and Mees sit ’n go heads up before the official Birthday
Party starts / Jurriaan makes a joke and laughs / Salon HuMobist Meinhard
likes toast / Hidde van Schie still tired from his holidays in Denmark / Catja
and Frank doin’ the really nasty / Sad Menno at Barts house / N. Post, C.
Breijs, M. Haring & E. Walgenbach all star in the new mono video directed by
M. Duijn / Louis Vuitton at George V / me at Van Speykstraat / Der Versucher
in Amsterdam / A. Kil Administratiekantoor / My friend Deniz has a whole
new, really cute little doggy / Mom and Jurriaan on a train to Paris

Being There


It must be ten thousends of them. My whole studioplace if full of Rotterdam flyers. I am in the middle of the selection now. It’s gonna be tight! I will keep you posted

the cute baby entry


check dit uit!

and check out the following Alice ‘Generation Landslide’ Cooper quote:

“Is everybody that depressed? It’s a depressing feeling to me. You know: ‘I lost my baby.’ I don’t care if you lost your baby, I care if you’re feeling OK. Don’t tell me your problem, tell me what good’s been happening to you.”

Nog twee nachtjes slapen…


This thursday it’s Witte Donderdag, that means if you eat at Warung Mini you have
no reason to leave Witte de Withstraat all night. First, from five to seven, there’s the
75B opening at the Willem de Kooning Academie Galerie Blaak 10, moksie or soup
afterwards and then be sure to be in TENT. at eight o’ clock sharp, where I’ll be
hosting the long awated animation night, starring short films of (amongst others)
Manon Bovenkerk, Revolver, Jan van Nuenen, Waanzee, Ckoe, Ranj, Urrebuk,
Volop, Coconino, Matthijs Vlot en Max Maas and a ‘best of’ selection of students
from the before mentioned Willem de Kooning. All these films will be deconstructed
by the godfathers of the Rotterdam animation discours, Han Hoogerbrugge and
Hans ‘Sapperredosio’ Wessels.

After that it’s every man for himself, so I’ll either be seeing you in Tiki’s or at
a birthday party in IMAX, or maybe even not at all. Although the latter’s pretty
hard to imagine. Bring your Miss Piggy T-shirts everyone!


Pschorr, Mephisto, De Fles, de Turk, Douche-avonden, café Du Lion d’Or, de Pijp,
Walhalla, Pacific, ANNA, de Bunker, café Pardoel v/h fa. Koevoet, Hal4, Ponton 010,
Full Moon, Tudor bar, Cita 2000, Downtown, B14, Le Bateau, New Orleans, Bar
Dancing Aquarius, Bar Dancing Frou Frou, Penelope, Bar Dancing New York New York,
Lux, Heavy, Charleston 79, Pinguin Park, De Overheid, De Seen, Sensi Upstairs,
Drie Musketiers, Bristol, de Lantaren, Parkzicht, Energiehal, A Nightmare in
Rotterdam, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Euro Rave, (Re-)Turn Up The Bass, La Xala,
Tomorrowland, A20, Ministry of Dance, Megarave, Gay Palace, The Vip’s Club,
Beatcorner, Arena, Bezoekers Arena Front (BAF), SCAR, Serenade, Fri Man Gron,
LLIK, de Unie, Bluetiek In, Imperium, Jongerencentrum Space, R&B café, de Doelen,
Ahoy, International Breakdance Event, club Semtex, ELL=BELL, M.T.C., Lunadrome,
Plastic Connection, Bimbo Complex, Club Revolution, Colors, Club Red, Baja
Beach Club, Maastheater, de danssalon, Club Enjoy, The Factory, Club en Hotel
Solo, Carrera, Hugo d’nite, XS, Silly Symphonies, FFWD danceparade, Insane
Jungle, Prozac Posse, Res!stance, CYBX 010, TDK, Teknival, Strictly Techno,
Future, Club Tropicana, Sound Architecture, Prototype, Café de Hemel (en
beneden de Hel), Dodorama, WORM, Rotown, de Vlerk, Thelonious, de Baroeg,
Nighttown, Basement, Popular, Bizar, Night Flowers, CFO, Metropolis festival,
Eksit en de nieuwe EXIT, Holland Pop Festival (Kralingse bos), de ponyclub,
de Rotterdamsche Knakendisco, Groovegarden, d’Groove, Herr Zimmerman,
Blauwe Vis, club Vibes, Land van Waas, DMW, verse geesten, Hyper Hyper,
club IMAX, Cita 2000, Off_Corso, Now&Wow, BUMB, Thalia Lounge, Bootleg DJ café,
Bazar Curieux, Motel Mozaique, R.E.M.F. (Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival),
Pandora’s Music Box, New Pop Festival, Ein Abend in Wien, Pompei, Matika,
Stubnitz, bar dancing Nikola Tesla, Pump Up R’dam, Illy Noiz, Stonedimmaculate,
Gers, KISS, Ye-Ye party!, club lau, De Buurtsuper, Gaius, Quest for Dance,
Lunapark, Hip Hop Habitz, Hi Fi 3000, Artist Revue Hall, de Twijfelaar, Helter
Skelter, Aliance Sociale, Boogie Nights, Catwalk, electric sunset, electrorock,
Hollywood Music Hall, At Denko’s, Poortgebouw, Cozmik, VIE, Club Las Palmas,
Fertile Grounds, New-ID, Hallo, Club Temptation, National Phonographic, Bigger
then Beats, Discotheque Risque, Quasimodo, Bikini, Party Center Royal, Odeon,
Waterfront, Novelle Art, La Riviera & de Rivièra-Hal

Just to name a few…

Abele Spelen


Last Friday I had a premier of a theatre play called ‘Abele Spelen’ by ‘Het Waterhuis’ at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. I did some video-work for it.

The Abele Spelen are about sex, violence and true love. What happens if three of these ‘Middle-Ages’ lyrics turn up in the ghettos of the big city, where young actors will make a dark soap out of it. A story that is located at a butchers shop, where nothing has changed during decades, while outside everything is different nowadays.

It will be in the country now, check it out, cause it’s hilarious!

Check here for some video.
And here for more details.

There’s a brand new talk, but it’s not very clear


I was in Paris last week, but I prefer Tokyo, Yo!

picture by: me



Of course there’s always the excellent but unheard lyrics of the today (see
previous post on the decline of western civilisation as we know it). Next week
MONO releases their second album entitled Populism and I myself took care
of its ‘how-it-looks’. MONO (taking care of how-it-sounds) did an excellent job
on the album itself. If you want to read what I think about this album please
go here and see for yourself, for they let me write down the ‘liner notes’ to
Populism and use it as a sort of biography.

Release Party (including performances by The Cuties, Ernst & Daniel, the
legendary DGG DJ-Force and I think I heard Het Internet will do a show.)
is set to sunday March 18th, Rotown, Rotterdam. See you there, my friends.

photo: Menno Mono